The Stevenson Campus in Southport hosted Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Day for over 200 grade eight Portage and Long Plains students to experience possible jobs and interests in Aerospace.  

Students at Crescentview School (CVS) enjoyed the day with its various opportunities. Grade 8 teacher, Jill Hartnell notes that the day was a great learning experience for students and that it gives a different perspective into jobs in the field.  

Hartnell continues that she enjoys seeing the students so engaged with the activities. The day was well organized with many stations to keep them busy all day long. She mentions that the industry professionals as well as the staff were very informative in teaching the students about engineering.  

Grade 8 student, Grace Van Damme says it was a great day and that many classmates took an interest in the different activities for the day. She adds her highlight of the day was being inside the helicopter.  

“I really enjoyed learning about planes and engineering and how it all worked. It was interesting, I also liked learning about the helicopter. It was a great day.”  

Another student, Kiera Peters, highlights how AME day is a great opportunity. Peters says the paper airplane activity was the highlight. Many classmates were excited about the new adventures that the day brought.  

Volunteer for AME Day, Deanna Talbot expresses the importance of the day. She mentions that the response that they receive from students is positive and that if they are interested in the field of engineering, AME Day will give all the information.  

“This is the 6th annual Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Day that we have hosted. There is a lot of work that goes into the day but is all worth it to open doors for students to take advantage of new events.”  

With the success of the day not only with CVS students, but other schools, AME Day is expected to take place next year with the same levels of enthusiasm.