Messy Munchkins

Messy Munchkins

Entries closed for this contest. The lucky winner was Janelle Poschenrieder. Thanks to all who played along. here is the photo she submitted. See the entire gallery of entries below.

muddy kid


Fill out the form, submit a photo and you could win!

Kids get messy. Afternoons playing in the mud and rain, major spills in the kitchen, food all over their faces, not to mention their clothes.

PortageOnline along with Dino's Appliance is here to help clean them up. And we want to make it easy. Imagine if you could throw in a load of laundry, walk away, and come back with everything done. No more transferring to the dryer. No more rewashing after forgetting about them as they sit damp in the machine.

Messy Munchkins is back and all you need to do is fill out the form, submit a photo of your messy munchkin(s) and then hope for the best!


Someone who plays along will win the grand prize - the new GE 2-1 washer/dryer combo worth over $3000.