CFRY General Store

CFRY General Store

The CFRY General store airs weekdays from around 1:10 to 1:30. It is your chance to call in if you have something to buy, sell, rent, trade, swap or even give away!!

CFRY General Store 

September 29 

Cartier- for sale- round bails, snow blower- wanted- older John Deere 204-599-1315 

Winnipeg Beach- for sale- ??- 204-509-3191 

Brandon – for sale- Recreational vehicle with an original rim and tire-204-727-0725 

Winnipeg- for sale- a record player -204- 802-0679-  

Winnipeg- wanted- older halftone looking to restore and a model a Ford to restore-204-663-7672 

Brandon- for sale-electric lounge chair-204-745-8880 

Dauphin- for sale- farm trailer, a dresser and a snowblower-204-647-0569 

Eriksdale- for sale- pug puppies-204- 739-5500 

Portage- for sale- heavy-duty diamond harrows and bobcat rubber tracts-204-252-2686 

Lorette- for sale- tires and rims-204-771-8425 

Selkirk – for sale- Johnson motor, a heater and saws-204-785-2699 

Portage- wanted- 14 10 David brown tractor seat and forks for sale- whet straw bails- 204-856-6267 

Minnedosa- for sale- front wheel with a hub for a tractor, tire chains -204- 867-7221 

Vita- for sale- pups and goats-wanted- a male goat--204-425-3613 

Winnipeg- for sale- seasonal fire 431- 334-8311 

Warren – for sale—jd 0 turn mower-204-771-9267 

Fisher Branch- for sale- 2000 round bails-204-739-3189 

St Andrews- for sale- 8-foot truck rack and square hay bails-482-9291 

September 28 

Morris- for sale- 28-foot gooseneck trailer –204-746-2016 or 204-746-5345 

Arborg- for sale- 2-and-a-half-year-old dog-204-407-8945 

St Claude- wanted- a dog - 204-379-2512 

Portage- for sale- set of tires and two walkers-204-872-4860 

Alonsa- for sale- water tank and a skidoo trailer-204- 843-0018 

Poplar Point- for sale- teachers desk –giveaway- plastic barrels-871-4991  

Interlake- for sale- 3-point hitch, set of tires 278-3452 

Roblin- for sale- hand crank cream separator- wanted- straw curling brooms and curling rocks-204-937-4778- 

Rossier- for sale- winter rims-204-981-0656 

Portage- for sale- tractors-204-871-4134 

Oak Point- wanted- a motor ten horsepower-204-390-0634 

??-for sale- old records and case tapes-204- 771-6315- 

Rossier- for sale- grain bins-204-373-9081 

Elm Creek –for sale- 6 bolt rim-wanted- snowmobiles for parts204-750-1470 

Winnipeg- for sale- 4 studded tires on chrome rims-204-582-1568 

Ill Des Chene- for sale- riding mower –204-795-3763 

Alonsa- wanted- full sized bronco-204-290-2374 

September 27 

St Andrews- for sale- 6 belt bell row pick up, a grain drill and 2 tractor umbrellas-wanted- a motor home-204-770-0040 

Plumas- for sale- twin mattress –204-386-2399- 

Interlake- for sale- 3-point hitch and a set of side-by-side tires honda-204-278-3452 

??- for sale- 1996 gmc half ton-204- 268-3563 

Portage- for sale- a corner shower-204- 239-5180  

Balmoral- for sale- grass hay bails and an auger-204-461-1670 

Hazelridge- for sale- two tires with wheels, three graders and hay-204-755-2973 or 204-268-5079 

Selkirk- for sale- 15 foot deep tiller –204-470-9415 

St Claude- for sale- 351 hay bails and a wood stove-204-379-2256 

West St Paul- for sale- half ton 2008-204-232-5843 

Springfield-wanted- 3 or 4 bails of straw 204-981-9386 

Winnipeg- for sale- t3 Ferguson and a bumper hitch-wanted- automatic transmissions for a honda-204-282-1880 

Portage- for sale- 2014 gmc-204- 856-3283 

Eriksdale- wanted- 30 round bails-204-768-0377 

Sydney- for sale- Pride Mobility chair-204-466-3177 


September 26 

Winnipeg- wanted- manual for a 400 case diesel tractor-for sale 2006 Pontiac van -204–250-4928- 

Interlake- for sale- 2007 Honda 500 and side-by-side tires–204-278-3452 

Vita- for sale- 2 pups and goats- 204-425-3613- or –204-392-4047  

Teulon -For sale-1965 dodge and a ford tractor-204-891-7967 

St Rose- for sale- 2017 truck-204-232-2471 

St Andrews- for sale- square bails-204-482-9291 

Winnipeg- for sale- golf cart batteries -204-772-0810 

Amaranth-wanted-grain auger and a combined header trailer with lights 204-843-2917 

Interlake- for sale- John Deere tractors and slide in campers-204-739-2091 

Winnipeg- wanted- 1960 banjo-204- 253-6625 

Carmen –wanted- crop divider snout for a case-204-745-3011 750 0696 

Portage- for sale- 5 bottom case plough-204-857-8224 

Balmoral- for sale- 100 round grass bails-204- 461-1670 

Beausejour for sale- 14 key John Deere Swaure bailer –wanted- a truck box for a Ford F 250 -204-266-2606 

Winnipeg- for sale- 4 tires on chrome rims and a Rockwell table saw-204-582-1568 

Morden- for sale- deep water fishing boat-204-823-3896 

Winnipeg- for sale- 4 winter tires-204- 981-0200  


September 25   

Trehern- for sale- 1982 Honda 3 wheeler-204- 903-5130 

Dauphin- for sale- Toyota Land cruiser parts, security mirror and a computer desk- 204-638-8112 

Interlake- for sale- 2007 Honda and a 3 point hitch-204- 278-3452 

Elm Creek – wanted- 6 bolt rim to fit a case 210 backhoe-204-750-1470 

Trehern-wanted- female ducks and geese-204-723-0134 

West St Paul- for sale- a snowblower-204-232-2919 

Oak Point – for sale- 2018 indie 600 –204- 280-0846 

Oak Bank- for sale- bathroom fans, 17 foot high bean and a sick mower 444-2933 

Glennla –wanted- soft core bailer-204-352-4342 

Winnipeg- for sale- firewood 431-334-8311 

Portage-wanted- a tractor-for sale- meat-204-871-7292 

North Dakota- for sale- corn head case IH and a 30-foot sunflower header-701-520-0984 

McCreary- for sale- hay bails-204- 496-2147 

Swan Lake- for sale- 7 instrumentals –204-836-2798 

Steinbach- for sale- a fan-204-346-3509 

Winnipeg- for sale- kitchen table and chairs-204- 257-2151 

Portage- for sale- a coffee table-204-857-7620 

September 22, 2023  

Interlake- for sale- trucks and trailers-204- 739-2091 

Brandon- for sale- vehicle and tires/rims for a Chevy impala-204-727-0725 

Dauphin- for sale- land cruiser body parts - 204-638-8112 

Rapid City- for sale- black aftermarket rims-204- 761-1820 

Portage- for sale- rabbit-204-239-7006 

Langruth- wanted- a fridge and washer-204- 445-2527 

Winnipeg- for sale- horse stuff-204-837-1608 

Plumas- for sale- ventilator-204- 386-2399 

Bagot – for sale- craftsman ride-on mower and a filing cabinet-204-252-241 

Transcona- for sale- ??-204-299-0191 

Portage- for sale- press drill, used rubber tracts-wanted- car motor-204-252-2686 

Rossier – for sale- 4 doors-204-981-0656 

Portage- for sale- small square bails-204-856-6267 

Transcona- for sale- wagon, hockey goalie glove-204-221-5365 

Winnipeg- for sale- red wagon and a Disney bike-204- 832-4483 

Portage- for sale- car boys 204-856-7240 

Oakville- for sale- purebred dog-204-745-8303 436-2472 

Elm Creek – for sale- hay and other items-204-436-2414  


September 21, 2023  

Interlake- for sale- older trucks and trailers-204-739-2091 

Stonewall- wanted- screen for a farm king grinder -204-467=8253 

Winnipeg- for sale- case 400 diesel tractor hoses and a 2006 van-wanted-muskrat traps - 204-250-4928 

Southern interlake- for sale- deep tiller –204-297-0021 

Trehern- for sale- 65 gmc grain truck and 46 inch Samsung tv-204- 723-2315-  

Portage- for sale- 3-point grader, power take-off shaft, used rubber tracts –wanted- ??-204- 252-2686 

Portage- for sale- oak table and 100 foot cord-204-857-6407 

Portage-for sale- coffee table and other tables- 204- 856-0746 

Holland- for sale- bar table and chairs-204- 526-2706 

Ill Des Chene- for sale- riding lawn mower-204-795-3763 

Teulane- for sale- ducks-204-793-5069 

Portage- for sale- small square bails-204-856-6267 

Portage- for sale- 500 pounds of tomatoes-204-856-3181 

Portage- for sale- 2011 smart car-204-857-1766 

St Andrews- for sale- Massey 1100 tractor and an Alice Chalmers tractors-204-770-0040 

Stepehnfield- wanted- international tractor 1468 and a John Deere 751-5017 

Holland- wanted- Texaco oil, fuel pumps, silver coins and ad signs, 526-0459 

Clear Lake-wanted- Pontiac Montana van-204-848-2612 


September 20, 2023 

Portage- for sale- couch, tool box-wanted- queen sized mattress-204-903-5970 

Winnipeg- for sale- sewing machine –204-668-2305 

Brandon- for sale- rims and tires-204-727-0725 

Interlake- for sale- a brand new set of side by side tires-204- 278-3452 

East Selkirk- for sale- 15 foot John Deere deep tiller –204-470-9415- 

St Claude- for sale- pallet stove-wanted- dogs in need- 204-379-2512 

Winnipeg- for sale- hand packer, safety harness and a fiberglass rebar- 204- 781-6852 -  

Portage- for sale- 10-foot press drill, power take-off shaft and used rubber tracts for bob cats-204-252-2686 

Glenora – for sale- tractor –431-268-2220 

West St Paul- for sale- tractor and a field scrapper 770-1872 

Portage- for sale- wheat straw bails-204-856-6267 

Portage- for sale- tractor and truck, motor mixer-204-428-3633 

Winnipeg- wanted- lego sets-431-772-4411 

Hazelridge- for sale- hay -204- 755-2973 or 204-268-5079 

Portage- giveaway- rabbit –204-239-7006- 

Steinbach- giveaway- trophies –204-326-6663 

Newdale- for sale- Ford tractor-204- 

Cartier- wanted- John Deere bailer-204-599-1315  


September 19, 2023  

Warren- for sale- sheep -204-322-5652- 

Interlake- for sale- 2007 Honda –204- 278-3452 or 886-7326- 

Lorette- wanted- chev 6.5 truck and a telephone recorder-204- 878-9973 

Lac du Bonnet- for sale- ?? -204-345-3486- 

Portage- for sale- small sqaure bailes-204-856-6267 

Arborg- for sale- purebred pups-204-407-8945 

Portage – for sale- barn building-204- 857-8224 

Ill Des Chene- for sale- riding mower-204-795-3763 

St Andrews- for sale- two trucks-204-770-0040 

Elm Creek- wanted- 1973-79 Ford pickups and snowmobiles -204-750-1470 

Interlake- for sale- boys winter jacket -204- 441-0808 

Winnipeg- wanted- 1910 banjo-204-253-6625- 

Portage-Wanted- monitor for a Heston bailer-204-856-6167- 

Carmen- for sale- used railway ties-204-745-3184 

Winnipeg- wanted- a dresser –for sale- kids bikes-204-390-1537 

West St. Paul – for sale- firewood-204-795-9618 

Bahlmoral- for sale- piglets –204- 404-9764 

Austin – for sale- A 2011 Malibu- for sale- 595-8043 


September 18, 2023  

Vita – German Sheppard pups – 2044253613 

West paul – john deere tractor. 9 yard scraper. - 2047701872 

Sunny interlake – older trucks, tons of antiques. Hay trailer. - 2047392091   

Newdale – Ford tractor – 2048492205 

Portage – wood brass and glass coffee table and end tables – 2048560746 

Winnipeg – Short wave fm radio –2042750330 

Sydney – wanted Main hydraulic pump for combine. Battery cover for 4430 john deere – 2044663177 

Winnipeg – Lady/Girls 26 inch bike. Assortment of ladies winter coats – 2042270172 

Winnipeg – 26 inch bike. Brand new weather tech mats. Collapse grocery cart – 2048952215 

Alonsa – 4 truck tires. Looking for onions – 2047672091 

Interlake area – brand new side by side tires 14 inch. 2007 honda rubicon – 2042783452 

Portage – power take off shaft for john deere tractor. Rear scraper tire – 2042522686 

Portage – round wheat straw bale. Market pigs ready for butcher. - 2048717292 

Holland – looking for any vintage signs, adverts. - 2045260459 

Selkirk – construction heater. Ice fishing heater. - 2047852699 

St andrews – 78 combine. 20 ft flex header w trailer. 16 ft john deere deep tiller. - 2047700040 

Portage – 1954 ford tractor. 1996 dodge ram longbox. Mortar mixer – 2044283633 

Portage – Reclining rocker chair. Ladies accordian. - 2048712224 

September 15, 2023

Vita – 3 german sheppard pups. Goats. - 2044253613 

Brandon – original new GM tires. RV 21 ft. - 2047270725 

St laurent – looking for pure bred goats, need 20-30 – 4315565734 

St laurent – john deere tractor. Front end loader. - 2047997648 

Portage – dwarf rabbit – 2042397006 

Portage – 2 mens baseball caps, - 2048577444 

Warren – pure bred rams – 2043225652 

Selkirk – 15 ft john deere deep tiller. - 2044709415 

Amaranth – various ag and vehicle equipment, air compressor. 2 axels. Tires and rims. -4033368577 

winnipeg - short wave - 2042750330 

Winnipeg – snow blower. - 2042322919 

Portage – 2014 gmc acadia, 8 passenger with tires –2048563283 

St andrews – john deere tiller. 28 ft auger – 2047700040 

Portage – bruno stairlift – 2042407987 

Warren – 2013 Ford F150 – 2046797951 

Miami – 2004 Silverado. Electrical problems – 2044352082 

Interlake – older trucks. Campers. Tons of antiques. - 2047392091 

Sydney – square bailer. - 2047303915 

St rose – large amount of weight lifting equipment –2044472821 

Portage – reclining chair and rocker accordian – 2048712224 

September 14, 2023 

Interlake- vintage trucks and tires, snowblowers, campers, tillers. - 2047392091 

Newdale – ford tractor – 2048492205 

Miami – Tiny House, 12ft by 28ft. - 4315050297 

Interlake - 14 diamond harrow sections, ps2 games, vhs tapes. - 2044410808 

St Claude – looking for companion for dog, 2 years old. - 2043792512 

Interlake – Set of Brand new side by side tires. 2007 honda 500. - 2048867326 

Lorrette – 12 goose decoys. - 8782470 

Selkirk – Garage heater propane. - 2044815083 

St. Paul – lawn mower tractor, motor not working. -2042322919 

West st paul – seasoned firewood, all varieties. - 2047959618 

Elm creek – john deere 3100 plow, - 2047501470 

Elm creek - 2013 sierra GMC – 2044362536 

September 13, 2023   
Winnipeg- for sale- diseal tractor hoses and a 2006 van-wanted- utility trailer –250-4928 

Interlake- for sale- 2007 honda and a set of new tires from a side by side-204- 278-3452 

Portage- for sale- miniture rabbit-204-841-3022 

Gimli – for sale- 3 chain length gates and tires-204-378-2498 

West St Paul – for sale – sears craftsman snow blower-204-232-2919 

Clearlake- for sale- kindle paper white reader-204-848-7464 

Elm Creek- wanted- snowmobiles and ford pick ups in the 70’s-204-750-1470 

St Rose- wanted- langruth history book-204-447-2821-  

St Andrews- for sale- 20 foot massey flexhead -20770-0040 

Vita- for sale- puppies and goats –wanted- transmission for a chevy-204- 425-3613 or 392-4047 

Portage- for sale- small square wheat bails-204-856-6267 

Portage- wanted- flax straw-204-856-6059 

Petersfield- for sale- camper trailer-204-768-0134 

Rathwell – for sale- 10x70 auger-204- 526-5428 

Portage- for sale- 1996 Dodge 1500 and a Volkwagon –204-428-3633 

Roblin- wanted- golf carts that arent running and a meat grinder-204-937-4778 

??- for sale- a pickup off a combine and tires-204- 562-3594 

Holland- wanted- vintage thermometers, old fuel pumps, silver coins-204-526-0459 

September 12, 2023  

Vita- for sale- puppies and goats-wanted-transmission for a Chevy half ton 2003-204-425-3613 or 392—4047 

Portage- for sale- Volkswagen Beatle and a motor mixer-204- 428-3633 or 870-2959 

McCreary- for sale- 2 co-op swathers –204- 496-2147 

Lorette- wanted- 530 dtc universal tractor and an 18.4x30 tractor tire-204-878-9973 

Portage- for sale- 2002 bmw z3w and an Elvis Presley purse-204- 870-3027- or 204-856-7240 

Portage- for sale- grass trimmer –204-857-7620 

Oakville – lost- centre grain door from a box-204- 872-1016 

Holland- wanted- service station signs, silver coins and fuel pumps-204-526-0459 

McCreary- for sale- round bail feeder-204- 835-2776-  

Brandon- for sale- cargo van and a grain auger-204-725-7944 

West St Paul – for sale- fire wood-204- 795-9618 

Interlake- for sale- air compressor and a case 35-foot deep tiller-204-297-0021 

North Dakota- for sale- combine 701-520-0984 

St Andrews- for sale- wheel spaces and sprayer pumps-204-770-0040 

Portage- for sale- 36x60 quad building-204-857-8224 

Portage- for sale- violin 871-4144 

Oakbank- for sale- single harness 750-0277 

Amaranth-wanted- a camper for a Dodge Ram-204-903-7312 

Teulon- for sale- new holland hay bine-204-886-0012 

September 11, 2023  

St Andrews- for sale- 750 Massey, John Deere deep tiller and a flex header-204- 770-0040 

Interlake- for sale- diamond harrows, vacuum and 3 drones-204-441-0808  

Warren- for sale- purebred lambs-204- 322-5652 

Winnipeg- for sale- floor mats for a 2020 Impala and a bike-204- 895-2215 

Winnipeg- giveaway- organic corn stock-204-254-0700- 

Terherne- wanted- female geese and ducks-204-723-0134 

Portage- for sale- kitten-204-239-9000 

Boissevain- for sale- tractors –204-534-6712 

Winnipeg Beach- for sale injectors for a truck –204-389-3152 

Plumas- for sale- two stoves-204-841-0039 

St Claude- wanted- dogs –204- 379-2512 

Haywood- for sale- bulls and a 1974 tractor–204- 745-0313 

Poplar Field- for sale- estate sale –204- 664-2102 

West St Paul – for sale- walk behind snow blower-wanted- a quad –204- 232-2919 

Balmoral – for sale- piglets 204- 404-9764  

Brandon-wanted- complete for parts 1982 Honda motorcycle and a 2004 Nissan Pathfinder 588-5296 

MacDonald – for sale- tires-204-794-8828 

Portage – for sale- reclining chair and a lady's accordion-204-871-2224 

Portage- for sale- handyman violin-204- 871-4144 

Portage- for sale- electric grass trimmer –204- 857-7620 

Alonsa- wanted- parts out an international combine -204-572-1275 

??- for sale- Skido trailer and 1965 dodge-204- 891-7967 

Glenora- wanted- 18-volt impact casing and a quad for s825-7086-204- 


September 8, 2023 

Portage- for sale- stairlift-204-240-7987 

Brandon- for sale- vehicle and a tire-204-727-0725 

Portage- for sale- two saws and an air compressor-204-857-7620- 

Laurette- for sale- golf cart and a case 222 lawn tractor-204-878-9973-  

Selkirk- for sale- a hot tub-204-345-9451 

Interlake-for sale- 20-foot camper trailer and a 2007 Honda -204- 886-7326 

Elm Creek – wanted- diamond harrows- for sale- 90 bails of hay – 204-436-2414- 

Portage- for sale- coffee table-204-857-7444 

Winnipeg- for sale- case 400 tractor hoses and a 2006 van-204-250-4928 

Teulon- wanted- a braking plough- for sale- John Deere and combine parts-204-886-2676 

Portage- wanted- loose flax draw -204-856-6059- 

Dugald- for sale- 5 sets of driving lines, truck shell and a floor sweeper-204-227-0335 

West St Paul- for sale- blade for a side by side –wanted- 7755 John deere –204-232-2919- 

Selkirk- for sale- John Deere Deep tiller-204-470-9415 

Minnedosa- for sale- tractor manuals-204-867-3324 

Portage- for sale- 10-inch ice auger and a 12 inch extension-204-856-0662  

Interlake- for sale- 150 bikes, two stoves and oil cans -204- 646-2452 

Winnipeg- for sale- two rolls of cables and a mailbox- 204-781-6852 

??- for sale- old horse stuff and metal scrap-204-771-6315 

September 7, 2023 

Fisher Branch- for sale- small square bailer-204-308-0325 

Interlake- for sale- roadside emergency kits and DVD's/VHS-204-441-0808 

Brookdale- for sale- 1976 980 –wanted- 2010 John Deere for parts –204- 354-2204 

??-for sale- scrap metal-204-771-6315 

Teulon- for sale- 5th wheel-204-886-3287 

Ill Des Chene- for sale- craftsman riding lawnmower-204-795-3763 

Portage- for sale- stairlift-204-240-7987 

Tulane- for sale- 1984 Honda Rebel -204-886-7123 

Lockport- for sale- 320 hay bails –204- 757-2946 

Interlake- wanted- international harvester signs or poster-204-302-0133- 

McCreary- for sale- loaders and hay-204-496-2147 

Holland- wanted-collectables, oil and gas related signs and silver coins-204-526-0459  

Winnipeg- for sale- ray disc player and a tire-204-981-1553 

Westborne- wanted- sheets of wavy tin-204-274-2630 

Winnipeg- for sale- golf cart batteries and winter tires-204-772-0810 

randon- for sale-1976 Honda mini bike and a water pressure tank-204-761-1286 


September 6, 2023 

Portage- for sale- small air compressor, two saws-204-857-7620 

Interlake- for sale- trucks and trailers-204-739-2091 

Vita- for sale- puppies and goats-204-425-3613-  

East Selkirk- wanted- used outside wood boiler-for sale- 600 lbs hay –204- 785-8478 

St Claude- wanted- a 3 wheel atv-204- 379-2512 

Brandon- for sale- a vehicle anda 5th wheel trailer-204- 727-0725- 

Interlake- for sale- vacuum and two 5th wheel hitches, 14 diamond harrow sections - 204-441-0808- 

Portage- for sale- a shower-204-239-5180 

Roblin- wanted- old golf carts, old straw curling brooms -204-937-4778 

Winnipeg- for sale- ladies bike-204-227-0172 

Beausejour-wanted- parts for an international side deliver rake and a truck box -204- 266-2606 

Miami- for sale- 2016 Polaris Ranger and a 1992 honda 4x4-204-435-2318 

Pilot Mound- for sale- honda 4 wheeler and wood-204- 825-8737 

Portage- for sale- chairs and tables-204-857-6407 

Portage- wanted- santa suite for christmas outside-204-856-0746 

Elm Creek – for sale- 90 round bails –wanted- diamond harrows- 204-–436-2414-  

Portage- for sale- a chair and an accordion –204- 871-2224 

Sperling-wanted- john deere garden tractor-204- 750-2185 

Hazelridge – for sale- hay and a few td14’s-204-755-2973 268-5079 

??- for sale- john deere 40 crawler-204-886-3115 


September 5, 2023 

St Andrews- for sale- swath roller, a pickup and wheel spaces-204-770-0040 

Interlake- for sale- trucks, campers, motorhomes and trailers-204- 739-2091 

Vita- for sale- puppies (FREE & FOR SALE) and goats-204-425-3613-  

Interlake- for sale- leather horse collars and 14 diamond harold-204- 441-0808 

Newdale- for sale- Ford tractor-204-849-2205 

Gainsborough – for sale- a male goat-204-428-5392 

Rorketon- wanted- bail monitor-204-732-2295 

Bagot- for sale- a saw and a blade -204- 252-2412 

Elm Creek- wanted- 22.5 semi rims and snowmobiles-204-750-1470 

Portage- for sale- two skills saw and a 13-piece socket set-204- 857-7620 

McCreary- wanted- John Deere bailer for parrs 835-2776 

Laurier- for sale- a truck –204- 232-2471 

Portage- for sale- power take off shaft-204-252-2686 

Oakbank – for sale- bathroom fans and a sicko mower-204- 444-2933 


September 1, 2023 

Interlake- for sale- trucks and trailers-204-739-2091 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2006 van and a 400 case deiseal tractor-wanted- trailer 204-250-4928 

Ashern- wanted- a combine-204- 302-0133 

Brandon- for sale- vehicle –204- 727-0725 

St Claude- wanted- atv three wheeler –204-379-2512 

Winnipeg- for sale- Golf Cart Batteries and a 2005 Honda civic-204-772-0810 

St Andrews- for sale- swath roller, a pickup and a farm dirt scraper-204- 770-0040 

Portage- for sale- power take-off shaft, cat rear scraper tire and a combine –204- 252-2686 

Stonewall –wanted- ?? -204-799-2396- 

Teulon- for sale- John Deere 981-5199 

Glenora- for sale- fargo tiller-431-268-2220 

Manitou- wanted- a bed frame and mattress-204-280-0102 

St Claude- for sale- mower deck and 8 row hiller-204-379-2204  

Carmen- for sale-2077 front wheel assist tractor and an older tractor-204-828-3460 

Winnipeg- for sale- 1998 copper wire, electric fence controllers and a water pump-204-667-2848 

Poplarfield- for sale- quad tires-204-280-6000 

Vita- for sale- puppies and goats–204- 425-3613-  

?? – for sale- 14-foot roll-up tarp-204-562-3594 

CFRY General Store   


August 31st 2023 

Portage- for sale- a camping stove-204-239-4094 

Laurret- wanted- rims-204-878-3278 

Vita- for sale- Puppies and goats -204-425-3613 

St Claude- wanted- dogs-204-379-2512 

Newton- wanted- gmc 2012-2016-204-267-2613 or 204-870-0329 

Portage- for sale- power take off shaft-204- 252-2686 

Winnipeg- for sale- mens pants and street hockey glove –204-221-5365 

McCreary- for sale- microwave and a deep fryer-204-835-2133 

Fannystill- for sale- haybine 204-745-7366 

Portage- for sale- rocker chair and ladies accordion –204- 871-2224 

Winnipeg Beach- for sale- camper trailer –204-642-2716 

Stephenfielld –for sale- john deere tractor 850-828-3460 

MacG- for sale- table and chairs –204- 856-9825 

St Rose- for sale- field hay-204-732-2725 

Fisher Branch- for sale- snowmobile-204-372-6826 

CFRY General Store  

August 30st 2023


Vita- for sale- puppies (SOME FREE) and goats-204- 425 3613 

Winnipeg- for sale- weather tech floor mats for a 2020 Impala and a wagon-204-895-2215 

Arborg- for sale- Heston h200 grain header and a hay-204-376-2924 

Inwood- for sale- 1940 Ford tractor and a 2023 trailer-204-278-3768 

Plumas- for sale- a farm and a fishing shack-204-841-3720 

St Claude- for sale- 48-inch mower deck and an adjustable cultivator-204-379-2204 

St Andrews- for sale- 1978 Massey Fergeson, John tiller deep tiller and a flex header-204- 770-0040 

Portage- for sale- camp stove-204-239-4094 

Portage-giveaway- BBQ-204-872-1946 

Portage- for sale- 10-foot press drill and tires-204-252-2686 

Arborg- for sale- horse stuff –204-771-6315 

Portage- for sale- fibreglass cover-204- 871-4365 

Marquette- wanted- tandem grain truck –204- 461-2042 

Winnipeg- for sale- spread rings 204-837-1608 

McCreary- for sale- parting out aa swather-204- 835-2776 

Poplar Point – for sale- seasoned oak and tires- 204- 998-4011 

Portage- for sale- rocker chair and a lady's accordion –204-871-2224

CFRY General Store  


August 29th, 2023  

Treherne- for sale- 1982 Honda 3 wheeler-204-903-5130 

MacG- for sale- set of car ramps and a triple pad polisher-204-685-2402 

Portage- for sale- 2012 grand caravan-204-857-4320 

Portage- for sale- rocker chair and a ladies' accordion-204-871-2224 

Arborg- for sale- Polaris racer 800 -204-641-8385 

Portage- for sale- 1979 Chevy blazer with a removable hardtop and a cat 416 backhoe bucket-204-252-2686 

Winnipeg- for sale- wooden wagon and street hockey goalie glove-204-221-5365 

Matlock- for sale- industrial engines-204-509-3191 

Anola- for sale- duck decoys –204- 782-3456- 

McCreary- for sale- a 4010 John Deere and hay–204-496-2147 

Winnipeg- wanted- set of factory mufflers for a 2005 road starter –204-222-1000 

Petersfield- for sale- 1995 5th wheel camper trailer and a 5x10 diamond c trailer-204-768-0134 

Minnedosa- for sale- 1949 Ar John Deere tractor and  1944 John Deere tractor-204-867-3324 

Winnipeg- for sale- old snowshoes and three old crosscut saws-204-223-4768 

Brandon – wanted- somebody to help a woman construct as hop-431-720-1942 

Stephenfield- for sale- tires on Ford F 150 rims –204-828-3477 

Gainsborough – for sale- a goat crossover-204- 428-5392 

Fisher Branch- for sale- hay-wanted- parts for a disc master-204-739-3189 

Vita- for sale- brush mower and a wheelchair lift-425-3131 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2006 van-wanted- 5x10 trailer-204-250-4928 

Austin – for sale- new Holland –204-901-0270 

Bagot – for sale- motorbike carrier-204- 872-2101 

Portage- for sale- John Deere deep tiller-204- 856-6059 

West St. Paul-wanted- snow plougher 232-2919 


August 28th, 2023   

Winnipeg- for sale- case 400 tractor hoses and a 2006 van –wanted- 5x 10 foot trailer 204-250-4928 

Portage- for sale- 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan- for sale- 825-345-2304 

Portage- for sale- end wall-204-871-7775 

St Claude – for sale- mower deck and a eight roll Hiller –204-379-2204  

Portage- for sale- 100-foot extension cord-204-857-6407 

Laurier- for sale- 2016 Chevy 1500 crew cab –204-232-2471 

St Andrews- for sale- Massey Ferguson-204- 770-0040 

Fisher Branch- for sale-35x32 radio combine tires-204- 280-0122 

Brandon – for sale- canning equipment -204- 728-0036 

West St. Paul – for sale- a half-ton truck –204-232-5843 

McCreary- for sale- live animal traps and a mini fridge-204- 835-2133 

Portage- for sale- power take-off shaft and tires-204- 252-2686 

South Interlake- for sale- 1980 swather-204- 297-0021 

Selkirk- for sale- dog sled –204-485-2578 

??- for sale- green couch and a 9-foot haybine-204- 891-7967 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2 rolls of cables –204-781-6852 

Interlake- for sale- 20-foot sunrise camper trailer 5th wheel, Honda 700 side by side and tires-204-886-7326 

Roblin- wanted- golf carts that are running and straw curling brooms-204-937-4778- 

Rossendale- motorbike carrier-204-872-2101 

Portage- for sale- 8-foot Archie bunker posters and a ping pong table-204-249-0245- 

August 25th, 2023 

Vita- for sale/giveaway- German Shepard puppies-for sale- 6 goats- 204- 425-3613 or 392-4047 

Brandon – for sale- a vehicle –204- 727-0725 

McCreary- for sale- a john deere 4010-204-496-2147 

Bagot – yardsale- 65063 off highway –204-252-2412 

Elm Creek- wanted- snowmobiles-204-750-1470 

Warren- for sale- pure bred sheep and a plough-204-322-5652 

Winnipeg- wanted- set of four 16 inch rims for a buick –204-791-3953-  

Fisher Branch – for sale- hay –wanted- parts for a disc-204-739-3189 

Rorkton- for sale cat dozier-204-732-2295 

Portage- for sale- loader tires and repair manuals-204-252-2686 

Winnipeg- for sale- old trunk-204-781-6852 

Portage- for sale- drone and a motor mixer –204-428-3633 

MacG- wanted- trimmer or brush cutter 74 04 76 for 685-2843 

St Rose – for sale- a 2016 chevy –204- 232-2471 

St Lazar- for sale- commercial mixer and a china cabinet – 204-683-2488 

Steinbach – wanted- 9 foot or 12 foot mower conditoer –204- 434-6280 

Dugald- for sale- 5 sets of driving lines and a truck shell-204- 227-0335 -  

August 24th, 2023 

Lorette- wanted- injector pump for older case 400 204—878-9973- 

Morris- for sale- 966 IHC, 28-foot trailer and a 1966 chevy-204- 746-2016 or 204-746-5345 

Assiniboine Hills  – for sale- four used tires –204-252-2332 

McCreary- for sale- live animal traps –204- 835-2133 

Gladstone- for sale- 51-foot grain auger, 204-378-0132 

Winnipeg- for sale- childs wagon and a Disney bike –204-832-4483 

Portage- for sale- two Cooper tires and four rims-204-871=7775 

Treherne- for sale- GMC grain truck and 2000 GMC 3 ton–204-723-2315 

Winnipeg- for sale- icon camera- 204- 832-4566 

Holland- for sale- ad thermometers, silver coins, push bars and fuel pumps-204-526-0459 

Portage- for sale- discer potato lifter, deep tiller and a 1922 engine –204-252-2686 

Portage- for sale- rocker chair and a lady's accordion-871-2224 

Rathwell- wanted- freezer chest-204- 723-0966 

Treherne- for sale- farming equipment-204- 723-2315 

Winnipeg- for sale- 15 bail stooker and a front end loader, chain length fencing-204- 282-1880 

Carmen – for sale- 4650 John Deere tractor and a 7800 John Deere tractor –204- 828-3460 

Tulane- for sale- 8820 combine 981-5199 

Portage- for sale- set of tires-204- 857-4434 

Niverville – for sale- CCM mountain bike –204-371-8756 

Minnedosa- for sale- for sale- 1949 ar John Deere tractor and a tire-wanted-starter for a 2010 John Deere tractor 867-3324