CFRY General Store

CFRY General Store

The CFRY General store airs weekdays from around 1:10 to 1:30. It is your chance to call in if you have something to buy, sell, rent, trade, swap or even give away!

The number to call is 204-239-2960 and we ask people to keep it to three items.

                    WILF'S ELIE FORD GENERAL STORE                       

September, 28th, 2022 
Interlake-wanted- john deere 600 amt, case 450 crawler and 6 foot commercial mower-431-737-6441 

South Interlake- for sale- fridge and stove, 1919 moisture tester-204-7712169 

Portage- for sale- deep tiller, metal sheer cat repair manual books –204- 252-2686  

Dugald- for sale- dishwasher, fibreglass water tank and a truck shell 227 0335 

Cartwright- for sale- 8800 Fargo tiller and a tractor-204- 431-2682220 

Brandon- for sale- tractor tires, a truck –204-725-7944- 

Alonsa- for sale- winter tires, 204-767-2365 

Winnipeg- for sale- slide-in bath chair and a goalie glove –204- 221-5365 

Winnipeg- for sale- a 2006 van, 2007 chevy and –wanted- Rome disc-204-250-4928 

Fraserwood- for sale- round bales-204- 886-7009 

Oak Bank- wanted- breaker panel-204-268-3227 

Winnipeg- wanted- camper van-for sale- cowboy boots-204-334-4111 

St Claude- for sale- john deere tractor-204-3792512 

Petersfield- wanted- fuel injection pump and an ECM-204-886-2403 

Portage – for sale- insulation –204- 595-8273 

McCreary- for sale- a john deere 6620 -431-289-0039 

Tulane- for sale- 2013 Polaris-204-886-2705 

Portage- for sale-bowflex-204-857-7213 

Treherne- for sale- ford tractor-204-526-5235


September, 27th, 2022 

Interlake- for sale- trucks and trailers-204-739-2091 

Interlake-wanted- bagpipes, guitar and vertical milling machine –431-737-6441- 

Brandon- for sale- rear tractor tires and a truck-204-725-7944  

Starbuck- for sale- 1966 honda, 1990 polaris250-5707 

Portage- for sale- little boys bike-204-856-3083 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2006 van, 2007 chevy and 204-250-4928 

Beausejour- for sale- trailer-2681931 

Warren- for sale- sheep-204-322-5652 

Portage- for sale- cockshot tractor, press drill and 10 feet metal sheer-204- 252-2686 

Winnipeg- looking for a trailer, a lawn mower and a generator-204- 253-7373 

Gimli- wanted- john deer 3010 for parts-204- 642-8985 

Winnipeg- for sale- 3-ton foot jack and a 200 amp battery charger-204- 981-1553 

Portage- for sale- 1991 Nissan king cab-204-871-7775 

West St Paul –for sale- ford parts and a set of forks for a garden tiller-204-232-2919 

Portage- for sale- guitar and violin-204-871-2224 

Haywood- wanted- square straw bales –204- 3792347 

MacGregor- for sale- lumber-204-871-2721 

Poplar Point- giveaway- horses-204-891-7344 

Winnipeg- for sale- desk, bedroom suite-204-885-3870


September, 26th, 2022

Glenella  - dining room table and wall unit - 352-4290
Interlake - looking for bagpipes, guitars and vertical milling machine - 431-737-6441
Bagot - mahoganny door casings and trim - 252-2412
Glenella - garage sale day today
Plap - 2005 polaris sport 4 wheeler - 871-0248
Winnipeg - case 400 tractor diesel - 204-250-4928
Laurier - 40-20 80 series tractor starter - 447-3350
West St. Paul - ford tailgate, box liner 8ft - 232-2919
Plap - 2016 outlander 5-17, oak table - 856-6864
Winnipeg - 3 tropical house plants free - 204-772-4136
Winnipeg - exercise bike - 204-885-3870
Vita - looking for rams, mares for sale - 425-3131
Carman - cub cadet 24 inch garden tiller - 750-0320
Warren - firewood for sale, jackpine - 204-280-0174
Plap - looking for an older house, rent to own - 856-7552
Brandon - cat tree in great shape - 728-0036
St. Clements - 1.4 acre waterfront lot -228-4991
Laurier - ceramic tiles, 2 tone grey - 447-3350

September 22nd, 2022 

St Andrews- for sale- combine, deep tiller and fuel tanks-204-770-0040 

Interlake-wanted- 1994 chevy, milling machine accessories, and an anvil-2431-737-6441 

Portage- for sale- books and set of sheets-204-239-7006 

Winnipeg- for sale- 2006 van, 2007 chevy and 204-250-4928 

Portage- for sale- dresser and two Halloween costumes-204-8576407 

St Claude- for sale- golf cart and a Lil john deere tractor-204-379-2512 

Sandford- wanted- used cultivator-204-736-4690 

Alonsa- wanted- block heater for a tractor-204-767-2219 

Holland- wanted- vintage signs, older oil cans and silver coins –204-526 0459 

Portage- wanted- used chair and old school floor tiles-204-856-7552  

Winnipeg- wanted- small camper van-204-334-4111 

Portage- for sale- cross-over plastic tool box for the back of the truck –204- 857-4434 or 204-856-6760 

Arborg- for sale- tractor tires-204-642-2414  

Fraserwood- for sale- 195 new holland-204- 886-7009 

Winnipeg- for sale- 4-inch vice and an anvil-204-781-6852 

McGregor- ??-204-871-0248 

Portage- for sale- 1750 tractor, discern, and a deep tiller-204-252-2686 

Gladstone- for sale- tires-204-385-3118