CFRY General Store

CFRY General Store

The CFRY General store airs weekdays from around 1:10 to 1:30. It is your chance to call in if you have something to buy, sell, rent, trade, swap or even give away!


February 7th, 2023 

Grindstone- for sale- snowmobile 1998 -204-378-2756- 

Gainsborough- for sale- tub grinder-204-871-0518- 

Lundar- for sale – 2022 cargo trailer-204-280-6291 

St Claude- wanted- steel 45-gallon drums-204-379-2204 

Winnipeg- for sale- boxing gloves, hockey goalie glove and a wagon-204-221-5365 

Dugald- for sale- driving lines, fibreglass water tank and a truck shell-204-227-0335 

Interlake- for sale- trucks and trailers-204-739-2091 

Portage- for sale- diesel fuel pump-204-857-5492 

Portage- wanted- older air compressor and a floor humidifier-239-7006 

Portage- for sale- snow blade-204-870-1992 

Haywood- wanted-nurse cow-204-750-1624 

Shoe Lake- for sale- bulls-204-365-0066-

Winnipeg- for sale- coats, desk and paintings-204-885-3870- 

Winnipeg- for sale- trucks shell -204-232-5843- 

Beausejour- for sale- small what straw bales-204-266-0716 


February 6th, 2023 

Notre Dame= for sale- dozier-wanted- grain cleaner –204-248-2734 

Portage- for sale- radio sats-204-791-3953 

Interlake- for sale- older trucks and trailers plus furniture-204- 739-2091 

Amaranth- for sale- an RV propane furnace -204-872-5004 

Ashern- for sale- cows-204-768-0019 

Lundar- wanted- oil burner-204-739-3822 

West St Paul- wanted- fibre glass camper and a snowmobile-204-232-2919  

Glenella- for sale- 1 female pup-204-352-4342 

Austin- for sale- foosball table-204- 901-0270 

Treherne- wanted- ??-204-526-7277 

Interlake- for sale- hardware for mounting tracks and a big bear rug-204-278-3452 

Oakbank- for sale- allis chalmers dozer-204-918-0295 

Fraserwood- for sale- a black Angus bull-204-886-7009 

Winnipeg- for sale- framing equipment and crystals-204- 298-6574 

Balmoral- for sale- tires-204-461-1670   

Arborg- for sale- oil furnace –204-641-2783 

Winnipeg- for sale- large air compressor –wanted- used tractor or truck chains-204-282-1880 


February 3rd, 2023

Eriksdale - older trucks, two cars, trailer, furniture, tires - 739-2091

Dauphin - two skylights ($50 ea.), snow blower ($500), snowmobile ($2000) - 647-0569

Grunthal - four chrome rims - 905-4765

Treherne - WANTED: 1974 Chaparral - 431-776-5115

Elm Creek - WANTED: snowmobiles for parts or repair, FOR SALE: parts - 750-1470

Winnipeg - set of boxing gloves, goalie glove, wagon - 221-5365

Plumas - snowmobile apparel - 841-0039

Brandon - 3-level cat tree ($90), bath seat for tub ($60), WANTED: coil for 1996 Honda riding tractor - 728-0036

Portage - hay crimper for swather, RAD for CAT, snow v-plow, 1979 Chevy Blazer, mini-excavator buckets - 252-2686

Lac du Bonnet - rear tractor tires - 345-3486

Anola - WANTED: small kitchen table, easy chair - 782-3456

Haywood - two cows (red, black) - 750-2688

Winnipeg - WANTED: powerpoint (person from Gimli was selling it on Facebook) - 788-4341

Portage - old containers - 857-7444

Camper - WANTED: sideboard - 481-2575

Beausejour - WANTED: parts for AC growler, blade - 265-3318

Winnipeg - 75lb of red millet - 253-4318

Wood Ridge - Honda generator - 257-2151

Winnipeg - commercial air compressor, WANTED: used tractor parts, tip - 282-1880


February 2nd, 2023 
Interlake- for sale- 2015 dodge-204-302-0133 

Tulane- wanted- a gas-driven welder for parts –204-880-6606 

Portage- for sale- tire changing machine. Loader tires-204-252-2686 

Interlake- for sale- big bear rug and a set of tire chains-204- 278-3452 

Interlake- wanted- accessories for a vertical milling machine, older guitars and an old anvil-431-737-6441 

McCreary- for sale- wheelchair-204-835-2537 

Interlake- for sale- older trucks, a 2004 van and trailers-204-739-2091 

Portage- for sale- accordion and a student violin 204-871-2224 

Ashern- for sale- top quality cows-204-768-0019 

Balmoral- for sale- tires-204-461-1670 

Portage- for sale- a trailer-204-240-4414 

Haywood- for sale- cows-204-750-2688 

Rolland- for sale- fenders amp-204-362-3626 

Dugald- for sale- driving lines, water tank and a sweeper for parts-204-227-0335  


February 1st, 2023 

Interlake- for sale- older trucks and trailers-204-739-2091 

Winnipeg- for sale- goalie glove and aw wagon-221-5365 

Lockport- for sale- tracks for a bobcat-204-785-3275 

Portage- for sale- accordion and a violin-204-871-2224 

Elm Creek- wanted- cars and trucks-204-750-1470 

Treherne- for sale- men's and boys skates-204-526-4451 

Treherne-wanted- 74 snow machine –204-776-5115 

Portage- wanted- floor model humidifier- for sale- tires and puzzles-204-239-7006- 

St Rose- for sale- 2013 artic cat-204-447-2309 

Austin- for sale- bull-204-870-2983 

Winnipeg- for sale- piano and a sled-204-633-4262 

Portage- for sale- a tire changing machine. V plough and a top for a truck-204-252-2686 

Portage- for sale- 2014 vehicle-204-871-4365 

Laurier- for sale- half-ton truck cap-204-232-2471 

Portage- for sale- sewing machine, freezer –204-892-0003 

Winnipeg- for sale- stroller 257-2151 

Austin- For sale- quads-204-595-8043 

Holland-wanted- old fuel pumps, vintage signs and 204-526-0459 

West St Paul- for sale- 22-inch portable dishwasher-204-338-7817 


January 31st, 2023

Interlake - WANTED: old crucibles, vertical milling machine accessories - 431-737-6441

Gainsborough - grinder - 871-0518

Teulon - cows for sale, round bales, 886-2083

MacGregor - WANTED: Hens - 871-6617

Elm Creek - WANTED: snowmobiles FOR SALE: vintage snowmobile parts - 750-1470

Portage - WANTED: freezer, 871-6622

Interlake - older trucks for sale, 739-2091

Dauphin - hockey card of Wayne Gretzky, ATV ramp - 647-0569

Portage - three-point hitch - 252-2686

WILF'S ELIE FORD GENERAL STORE  - listen to the show here

January 30th, 2023

Lac Du Bonnet - rear tractor tires, parts and more - 345-3486

Interlake - looking for a good used 94 chev 3/4 4 wheel drive truck - 431-737-6441

Bagot - 3/4 inch 4x8 particle board - 252-2412

Winnipeg - kids wooden wagon with skis for winter - 221-5365

Oak Bank - single driving harness - 750-0277

Portage - grader frount mounted v-plow - 252-2686

Stephenfield - JD tractors (2) - 828-3460

West St. Paul - snow blade for Yamada side by side - 232-2919

Ashern - top quality char cross cows - 768-0019

Fisher Branch - 400 round hay bales - 739-3189

??-used tractor tires - 461-1670

Portage - 4 all season tires on rims - 595-8973

Beausejour - small square bales - 266-0716

Portage - 2014 expedition safetied - 871-4365

Portage - 2018 dodge quad cab 4 wheel drive safetied - 856-3283

Laurier - 2016 dodge ram slt crew cab safetied - 232-2471

La Salle - brand new 2022 Kubota sidekick - 771-9700

Winnipeg - f150 ford truck with cap, 86,000k not safetied - 282-1880

Dauphin - 1/2 ton gmc 2 wheel drive truck, 40,000 miles - 638-8087