This year's first confirmed tornadoes in Manitoba took place last week.

Five tornadoes made a significant impact rolling through the province. Glenboro, St. Alphonse and Rivers saw a combined five tornadoes wreak havoc through those communities.

The tornadoes have been verified by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) to have touched down on June 12. The Northern Tornadoes Project evaluated the harm of these events based on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. They noted that the two tornadoes in Rivers were EF0, the one in Glenboro was an EF1, and the two in St. Alphonse were EF0 and EF1.

Meteorologist Natalie Hasell, tells PortageOnline that these tornadoes formed through a trough of low pressure from southeastern Saskatchewan and southwestern Manitoba.

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With storm chasers becoming so popular on social media, it is easy for people encountering a storm to want to do the same. Hasell says that she would prefer people take shelter.

"There will be enough people taking photos that you yourself probably don't need to take any. So, instead of taking photos, take shelter, ideally in a well constructed building with electrical, with plumbing so that if the building is hit by lightning, it has somewhere to go. When you are inside this building, you stay away from doors, windows, sky lights." 

She adds that basements are best place to go in the event of tornado. 

"There's a lot going on in these storms, so being flexible, seeking shelter as soon as possible, staying in that shelter as long as necessary, is our preferred suggestion."