Friday morning at the Portage Golf Club, amateur golfer Preston Meier started the Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) 90-hole golf marathon alongside his friend Dave Fraser from Canadian Tire. The event, which is around 12 hours, aims to raise funds and awareness for BBBS and its 50th anniversary. 

Meier shared his excitement about the event's tee-off. 

 "You know, it's been a great start. I mean, 12 hours of golf on a Friday with a good friend, Dave Fraser from Canadian Tire. You can't go wrong, but the real winner, of course, is always Big Brothers Big Sisters." 

Meyer emphasized the importance of their work under the leadership of Dawn Froese. 

 "We know we've got a great organization here in Portage and of course the 50 years of service.  Dawn has done an incredible job 30 years behind the desk. And do you know what the things that she does and helps with the fabric of our community making this is all worth it." 

He also mentioned that he is thankful for all of the support he has and is excited for a great day of golf.  

"90 holes in 12 hours, could you ask for anything better. The weather has even been fantastic so far." 

When asked about the preparation required for such a long day, he says all he did to get ready was think about the great cause that he is doing this for.  

"There's no real preparation, right? I'm fortunate that we're able to get out with friends, you know, four or five times a week. So, doing those five rounds in one day, I think it's just great." 

Despite the physical toll, the golfer remained optimistic about reaching the goal. 

"We're only on our 13th hole right now. But we do have 77 more holes to go. We're going to get there." 

Throughout the day, he welcomes spectators to join in the event and come and cheer him and the other golfers on.

Overall, he said he is just thankful to be able to golf for a great organization.  

 "I'm just so glad that we can be a part of it and really help promote Big Brothers Big Sisters, the programs and everything else that they run."