After reports have surfaced from residents that there are individuals dumping garbage in undesignated areas, a Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie councillor is jogging citizens' memories regarding the consequences that can come from those actions.

Ward 1 Councillor Garth Asham covers the landfill duties for the RM and says that while this has been a bigger issue in the past, it is again becoming a hot topic with a few bad apples.

"You'll still get the odd scofflaw that thinks they can get out of town and save the trip to the landfill," he continues. "If you got it loaded, you might as well go to the landfill. If somebody sees you with phones and stuff these days, they can take pictures of you, and you can be prosecuted."

file photoAn area that has been used for garbage dumping in the RM of Portage. 

Asham notes that it's a hefty fine for unlawfully littering at large. However, finding the person behind the offence can be difficult.

"You have to go through their garbage and get a name or whatever and then contact that person. That has been done in the past. But at the same time, people get out to isolated spots, and they're quick to dump the load if they prefer to do that disrespectful thing. There's always the element that they can be caught or that they leave literature in their garbage that can be traced back to them."

He explains that there is a difference between securing a load and tarping it, which people should also take into consideration on the way to the landfill.

"When you secure a load, that means you just have to have straps on, and there is still debris that can fly out. I'm not saying that won't happen with the tarp, but it's better to be secured with a tarp and tarp it down properly."

If you do see anyone breaking the law by dumping garbage in the RM in a place that it is not supposed to go, Asham says you can call the RM office or the police to file a report.

"I like to see a clean community. It's beneficial to everyone. We live in a respectful society."

Asham adds that keeping the community clean invites more people to visit who are coming through the community.

"It's a win-win for everybody. That's my personal feeling on it."