The graduating class at Portage Collegiate Institute (PCI) got a blast from the past as they walked through their past schools in cap and gown.   

Grade 12 counselor and resource teacher at PCI, Marie Bertholet, says that the day is not only for the graduates, but also for their past teachers to see their accomplishments and who each individual has become.   

“It's an opportunity for our students to go back and visit the schools that they previously attended. It's a special day for our graduates.” Bertholet adds “I think it's a great opportunity for our kids to go back and acknowledge those teachers. As well, for those teachers to see how successful students have become.”   

Bertholet mentions that the pathway throughout schooling is important for the graduates, and also that the graduates have all succeeded in completing their high school journey.   

The Graduate Walk through past schools is a new tradition that PCI has created. Bertholet highlights that since it started, the day has evolved to connect students and recognize the community's efforts through the journey.   

Graduates had the option to walk through Crescentview, École Arthur Meighen, La Verendrye, North Memorial, Yellowquill, Fort La Reine, Oakville, and Long Plain Schools.

Graduates at Yellowquill School (YQS)Graduates at Yellowquill School (YQS)

Crescentview School’s vice principal, Suzanne Calder expresses how great the day is for all schools. She notes that the graduates are all role models for Crescentview students.   

“It's great to see everybody growing up now and taking the next step in life. I know a lot of the graduates so it’s super fun to see them all visit our school.”   

Calder comments that the past teachers of the graduating class appreciate everyone coming back, and how great it is to see how everyone has grown up and is now graduating high school.   

With the walks having a good turnout of graduates, students and teachers hope for the event to continue to be a success in years to come.