It's one machine that can do it all - the 2 in 1 GE washer/dryer combo. The clothes go in, the machine starts, and when you come back, everything is washed AND dried.

Thanks to Dino's Appliance and Mattress Centre and a messy kid who loves to play in the mud, Janelle Poschenreider, who lives southwest of Portage is one of the first to own one of these new machines. Poschenreider's photo submission was drawn from close to 150 entries in the contest and she says she is excited to get it set up.

"The washer we have has needed some repairs as of late, so the win comes at a good time. I had some friends and family offer to take it off my hands, but this one is going into my home."

Dino's owner Dean Dubois says the machine is one of the newest pieces of technology at the store and he figures down the road, they may become the norm.

"Other machines need to vent the heat outside but for this one, all you need is the plumbing hook ups. And the drying process works with many of the delicate clothes that usually cannot go in a conventional dryer. Most people that have looked at it are impressed, and it does the oversized stuff as well."

Like most of everything we use nowadays, Dubois adds that appliances have changed with the times as well. 

"How good they work is one thing, but all of the extra features are pretty incredible. They will hook up to your smart phones, some can send reminders and warnings. It's quite amazing some of the things many of the brand-new appliances can do."

muddy kidIt might be advisable to hose the winner down before putting these items in the machine.