Mark McIvor is a Community Safety Officer for Long Plain First Nation. Portage la Prairie recently launched its CSO program, but Long Plain has had one in effect for several years.

To get an idea of what happens with CFOs, we asked Security Supervisor of the Residential Museum Mark McIvor about his experience. 

"We watch all over this whole Keehskeemaquah area 24/7. There's always somebody on and that program has been going for several years. We get busy at times. Certain situations pick up more than usual, sometimes. That's when we call the Manitoba First Nation Police Services for backups when it gets a little too much for us."

He notes people appreciate them being around and making their patrols. 

"The Micro Hotel has stationed two of our guys there. We have two here (Residential School grounds and Arrowhead gas bar) because they have to patrol the areas. We take the whole area here."

Mark McIvorMark McIvor

McIvor says they are called upon almost every day, and if not, It's a good thing. 

"I remember last week, we had like a few calls just in one day. The next shift when I came on, they didn't have any calls. But it just gets busy at times. I've been here 16-and-a-half years doing this. I came from Winnipeg and then I got this thing and I've been here ever since."