Youth for Christ: Youth Unlimited in Portage la Prairie is hosting their annual hockey clash on February 24th at Stride Place. Kurt Friesen is the new guy at YFC Portage, and says he wasn't expecting to get involved with a hockey tournament when he started.

"That's kind of the nature of the position, you have to be flexible in youth work. Things can kind of come at you, and you jump into it. But yeah, I never saw myself as a part of a big hockey tournament. I do love hockey, 'Go Jets Go.'"

Friesen added that while the games of the tournament are fun, they are hoping to steer the focus toward YFC's fundraising efforts this year.

"Every year, we bump up the prizes for those who are the top fundraisers of the event. We usually increase the excitement, and we get more people involved," Friesen notes. "This year, I think we're focusing more on the why; why we're doing it. It's easy to get excited about a trophy that you win, like a Stanley Cup, and the compete in the tournament is already there. But what we're trying to communicate this year is the why, and the heart behind the tournament."

Tyson Murray, Campus Life Director at YFC's MacGregor location, explains what is happening right now.

"We are making a few minor adjustments, but we just locked in our ten teams for the tournament, and now, we're going to be collecting prizes for fundraising and getting all that stuff worked out and sent to the captains."

Last year, the Clash brought in over $40,000. The team at YFC has high hopes for the event this year.