Portage Collegiate Institute is now involved with its mid-school-year sports activities. 

Varsity Boys head coach and vice principal Darin Arnold says exam time is the midway season for their breaks, and notes they had some successes this year already.

"We're 3-2 in league play so far with some good wins, some close games, and the two losses could have been better, but that's sports for you," says Arnold. "After the break, we have two tournaments, so we're up in Dauphin in February on the 9th and 10th. That's always fun. Kids enjoy staying in the hotel room and having some time away."

He adds the weekend following, the 16th and 17th, is when their home tournament takes place, which is always a favourite, as well. 

"We have some pretty good teams coming in there, so it should be some great competition all weekend and we'd love if people wanted to come out and watch," explains Arnold. 

With high school making their way into sports, Arnold says a big issue they always need to focus on is consistency. 

"We know we can be competitive with all the teams in the league, but it's just a matter of executing the things that we want to on a consistent basis, rather than, sometimes, teenagers just like to be lazy," explains Arnold. "They're not paying attention, sometimes. We're in the right track, and we like to set our season. We're playing a lot of games at the end of the season to prepare for the playoffs and everything. So, the pathway has been laid out. We just have to focus on being consistent and competing in every game." 

He elaborates on consistency, and adds it's always an issue each year when dealing with teenagers, who have trouble being consistent with anything, for that matter.  

"That's a pretty given thing at Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball, the kids are still learning the game. They're still processing in the game. They don't see things as quickly as they do when they get older. So, the consistency is usually a big thing no matter what level playing until you get up into the adult stuff." 

Arnold adds they're a great group of kids and he's fully enjoyed coaching them. 

"Every practice is fun. Every game is fun. You just have to keep playing and hope that it clicks in their head and then it becomes second nature to them," continues Arnold. "I think the two tournaments are going to be the most exciting part of the season. So, they're always fun to go out and play a bunch of games over the weekend and, hey, they get to hang out with each other all weekend. So, it's always fun."