It's exam time at Portage Collegiate Institute in Portage la Prairie. For some students, it's their first due to COVID having put them on pause for a few years. 

Grade 11 student Ronan Chalifoux just wrote her English exam. 

"It's stressful, but for the English exam, they give us a couple of days to prepare, which is nice. We get to write a little rough draft and we get to bring it in with us, so it makes it easier on us."

She explains teachers helped them prepare for the exams throughout the last semester, spending time on plenty of essay writing, citing, and analyzing.

"That really helped with the exam," adds Chalifoux. "The booklet they gave us also gave us ideas on how to do it and how to format. I have never written an English exam before. That was my first English exam, but I have done biology last year."

Zachary Caners is also in Grade 11 and he likewise took a biology exam last year. 

"This would be my second one," notes Caners. "It seems a bit a bit tough, right? I've got four exams this semester, so I'm a bit stressed out, but it's not too, too bad because we didn't get affected too much. It seems like it's a bit of a bump to get through."

Caners adds the preparations in class saw the teachers go over the material with them, and gave them exam reviews. He said he wrote quite a bit for his English exam he just completed.