Wildfires to the west of us are reducing the quality of our air in southern Manitoba.

Environment and Climate Change Canada's Natalie Hasell says there are many fires in Alberta, but there are also fires in British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan and even Manitoba that are causing issues across the Central Plains.

She says the windflow is allowing the smoke to travel quite far.

"Areas north of us in Manitoba are under a special air quality statement right now," says Hasell. "Areas that are not in the special air quality statement are still being affected by the smoke, although the concentration at the surface should remain okay, but not great."

Hasell does not see many changes in the forecast when it comes to temperature or moisture in Alberta. As a result, she does not expect these hazy conditions to let up any time soon. Some precipitation is expected in Saskatchewan, so they may get a break, but with no precipitation in the near future, Portage la Prairie and area could see a smoky sky for a while longer.

"We have hazy skies in the forecast. It would be good still, though, to pay attention to how you're feeling in these conditions, because smoke can affect everyone," says Hasell. "Some members of the population will be at greater risk, so even at relatively low concentrations, some people will actually be affected by these conditions. It was really important to pay attention and to talk to your doctor about it."