The role of Supervisor of Transportation needed filled after the departure of Shelley Anderson. The Portage la Prairie School Division (PLPSD) has put its transit role in the hands of Adam Thompson, who has worked in a similar role before.

"My final day at MDC (Manitoba Developmental Centre) was May 3. I was there for 14 years working in transportation, I headed up laundry and housekeeping, as well as doing the purchasing there. Then I was hired here, and now I'm in my second week on my own with Shelley leaving the division."

Thompson gave a shoutout to Shelley, noting that they are grateful for her 29 years of service and dedication to the school division.

He shared what is changing for him in his new role as opposed to when he was working at MDC.

"It's a lot more student public orientated, right? I have a lot more interaction on a daily basis with the public, with students, with parents, with teachers. It's definitely been a change, but I think the transitions going pretty. Well. It's more accountability in that in that I have to answer to parents of students. That's number one priority, their safety and welfare. So yeah, it's definitely been a change, but welcome change."

He adds, the new role doesn't come without its fair share of changes to deal with.

"With any with any new position comes new personalities and new approaches on how to deal with obstacles or challenges. Things happen on a daily basis where they're new and I have to figure out a different way to approach it to come to a win-win outcome for everybody. It's definitely been a great learning experience for me, and it's pushed me into an uncomfortable position sometimes where I have to be more assertive or make a decision and go with it when kids' safety is on the line."