The Song Catchers series of concerts is coming to the Herman Prior Activity Centre in Portage la Prairie. Executive Director Kathy Bryce says she and a board member spoke in length about the prospect of holding the events and concluded it's great for everyone.

"We're going to be doing a four-part series, and the first one starts this Sunday at 2:00 and it's Fender Hill," Says Bryce. "They're a young group of young men that are from the MacGregor/Austin area and they play some folk music, blues, and gospel. They're very, very talented young men."

She explains the series was not just based on getting more music in the Centre.

"The seniors in Portage, they love live music," continues Bryce. "So, the Herman Prior Centre is, as everybody knows, completely accessible to anybody. We are keeping the prices very, very affordable. These tickets are only $15 each to come and listen to an hour-and-a-half music from a live band. And it's also a great way to connect the seniors together with other people in the community and people of all ages."

Bryce describes this kind of opportunity as allowing seniors to, "age in an active way," and also grow in friendships and diversity. 

"It's also to provide opportunities for our younger seniors, as I like to call myself. I'm 63. I'm a junior senior," notes Bryce. "Just a common bond of music goes so far with everybody. We're very excited about this. So far, we have sold about 100 tickets for the show and it will be Coffee House style. We'll have the round tables set up, the stage, and curtains -- the whole bit."

She explains you can buy tickets at the door, and they're making sure there's enough room for everyone. 

"Later on, we're going keep it a surprise, but we have one more group that we're getting in on March the 3rd that will be the second in the series," adds Bryce. "Then in the fall, we'll have two more. We're going to give this a whirl, see how it goes, and play it by ear. This first show coming up on Sunday, if it's any indication as to what people want and need, it's showing very, very well right now. With 100 tickets sold so far, that's looking pretty good." 

Bryce says its music that's current and not what she heard in her younger years. 

"They're playing younger music just to keep folks up to date with what's happening," says Bryce. "Country singers are doing a newer type music and these young fellows will be doing some of that, as well."