Dr. Marjan Masoumi is one of two physicians that St. Claude has taken on board recently.

Originally from Iran, Dr. Masoumi has spent time studying and working in Winnipeg for the last number of years before now making the transition to St. Claude.

"I was a family doctor back home, and I like to do rural medicine because I have experienced more than six years of doing rural medicine," continues Masoumi. "I enjoy doing rural medicine because it has emergency within it. I like the variety, and I like the form of working as a rural physician."

Masoumi says she has a soft spot for Manitoba, as when she came to Canada, she did her training in Winnipeg. 

"I went through the Manitoba residency program and joined Southern Health."

During the dark days of COVID, the physician explains that she dropped everything and went back to Iran to help with their medical efforts.

"We didn't have enough doctors, and they requested all the Iranian doctors to come back if possible, and I went back."

Masoumi has been in St. Claude since September 1st, adding that she has found the community very welcoming.

"I'm pleased to work is to serve people in Manitoba, and It's very rewarding."