The 575 Terrier Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron recently held its Annual Ceremony Review (ACR), showcasing a year of hard work, skill-building, and camaraderie. The event showcased the talents and dedication of the cadets, who demonstrated their proficiency in drill, discipline, and teamwork.

The review featured a series of displays, a parade, and presentations highlighting the skills acquired by the cadets over the past year. 

Warrant Officer First Class Grayson Marchenko described the ACR as "kind of like one final parade for the year," emphasizing the extensive preparation of the event. 

"We practice for several weeks for that, and then we get a few more practices and just manage to nail it," Marchenko said, expressing pride in the cadets' improvements, especially in the final weeks leading up to the ceremony.

Mayor Sharilyn Knox, the Reviewing Officer for the parade, shared her perspective on the event. 

"It's a fun experience for me because I wasn't a cadet growing up, but I love to see these programs happen and the dedication of the cadets and instructors."

Knox praised the program for providing valuable opportunities for skill development, friendship, and future career exploration. She highlighted the unique advantages offered by the location.

 "Having Southport here is nothing but an asset to us; holding this review in a hangar, surrounded by aircraft, is pretty impressive."

Despite the unprecedented challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Commanding Officer Captain Jason Itterman admired the cadets' resilience and dedication.

"The past year has been incredibly tough for the cadet program due to COVID. We saw a significant drop in numbers because we couldn't gather in person." 

However, the cadet program has persevered, offering young people a platform to participate in enriching activities and forge enduring friendships.

Reflecting on the year, Marchenko shared some of the cadets' unique experiences, such as field trips and gliding excursions. 

"The Field Training Exercises (FTXs) are always a highlight. It's like camping but with a cadet twist."

The Annual Ceremony Review for the 575 Cadets was a huge success, and they cannot wait to start back up again in the fall.