Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Stephen Berg says Portage la Prairie and the surrounding area may be in for a bit of an unsettled week.

Berg explains what he means by the forecast being unsettled.

"Temperatures look like they'll be in the low- to mid 20's until the weekend when the temperature looks to rise into the upper 20's. Overnight lows look like they'll be in the range of 10 to 17 degrees, and various days and overnight periods with showers and possible thunderstorms, most likely tomorrow (Tuesday, June 11) during the day and Wednesday as well. They'll clear out for a couple days, and then clouds start to come back in for Saturday night."

Berg notes that there isn't expected to be more rain than the seasonal average, but that the thunderstorm potential muddies the forecast slightly.

"It's kind of a standard amount. It doesn't look like there's going to be a ton of rain with these showers, although, if there's a heavy thunderstorm, that might bring some heavier precipitation amounts. But it looks to be fairly seasonal weather for the showers."

He also notes there may be a need for folks to be careful outdoors into the weekend.

"Toward the weekend, it may get a little on the humid side, so people might need to take some precautions when they're outdoors and doing anything strenuous."