From equipment melting into the ice to puddles covering Crescent Lake, Skating on the Crescent is holding out hope that the ice will return to better shape before they wrap up.

Committee Member Christine Verwey says benches, fire pits, hockey nets, and other metal equipment have been heating up so much from the sun, that they melt into the ice a bit, before refreezing overnight, locking them in place for now. She does mention that if you're willing to get a bit wet, you can still go skating.

melted skate trainer.Look closely, you'll see a skatetrainer that's too far gone!

"Safety-wise, you're fine," explains Verwey. "We did some test wells (on Tuesday) and we're still over 12 inches of depth in the ice. The only problem would be that you'd make a mess."

She adds that since they were only able to get on the ice around mid-December, this year's skating season has been one of the shortest they've had. They plan to clear the ice off during the last week of February.

"If we had painted rings for curling onto the ice this year, that ice would just be trashed," notes Verwey. " It would be a swamp. The sun is really attracted to the paint or anything we have out on the ice."

In a perfect world, Verwey would like to see temperatures get down to -10 to reestablish perfect ice conditions. However, if it snows, she says that it would wreck the ice for the rest of the season.