A different kind of storm is on its way to Portage la Prairie.

The Portage Hurricanes is the name of the newest volleyball club in Portage. Shasta St. Louis is the coach for the 15 and 16U teams and is so happy to bring this sport to the city all year round. 

"I'm excited to get the kids back out and doing something; volleyball has kind of fallen into the wayside. We don't have any opportunities for the kids. Bringing this back where the kids can play and return to the court will be positive for the community."

St. Louis says that she comes out weekly to coach to see the kid's reactions to being able to play during a season they don't usually get the opportunity to. 

"I coached the JV high school team and the girls. All of them wanted to play more and play more because the high school season was so short. So this gives them an extra three months to play."

She says the team practices two days a week and plays games on Sundays, and then there's a final tournament at the end of the season with two tournaments in April.

Shasta St. LouisShasta St. Louis

 Laura Pynn is a player on the 13U team and says she is so excited to be a part of something new in Portage. 

"It's really great. It's nice to have something local that's close by. That is better to get to, and I'm going into high school with lots of these girls. So, it's nice to make those connections early."

She thinks it is essential to have a club like this in Portage to make more friends and have a way to continue to be active. 

"I love volleyball, and it's awesome to be a part of a team that plays volleyball with so many people who also share a passion for it."

Laura PynnLaura Pynn