One of Manitoba's celebrations of our agricultural roots and pioneering spirit is returning for its 68th year and bringing something unique to the weekend. 

With less than six months to Manitoba's Threshermen's Reunion and Stampede, Tricia Dyck, the Collections & Programming Manager for the Manitoba Agricultural Museum, is extremely excited to have all of her 'family' members back in Austin again. 

"It's so exciting because this is the time that we all come together, and so many visitors come in and, you know, people from across provinces and different countries visit us as well. During the Reunion, our energy is completely amped up here, and everything  looks like a great sunny day every day."

This year, at the Threshermen's Reunion, they are adding a new edition that is bound to bring in the crowd. 

"We're very honoured to host a performance by the world-renowned Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride. We will have one performance at the festival on Thursday, July 25th, at 7:00 p.m."

Tickets for the performance are $20 for adults and $10 for children. Your tickets to see the Musical Ride will also give you admission to the nightly Rodeo. 

The musical ride is not the only thing that the Reunion hopes will bring more patrons in, as it's how they keep the history alive in Austin. 

"Experience the village like never before, and so we are increasing and amplifying the activities and experiences in the village itself."

Click here to learn more about the Threshermen's Reunion and Stampede in Austin.