RM of Portage la Prairie Ward 1 councillor Garth Asham is glad to see rain in the region in what may be a fourth drought summer in a row. However, he says roads could use a little more moisture.

"It helps pack the roads with larger traffic on it. We're in pretty good shape, but there are never enough dollars. We like to see some major construction in our area, namely Hwy. 26, which is a very, very sore spot for a lot of people, and deservedly so. It's not a good highway and we need attention to that."

He says, however, first things are first. Asham explains the government has priorities, and he's sure they'll get to it when they can, hopefully, sooner than later. 

"Regarding Provincial Road 227, from what I understand and I see, has surveyors out there, they have to do some bridge work. I think there are three or four bridges that have to be initially looked after before the actual work starts on 227. As far as we know, all indications are that it's still a go and we thank the NDP government for keeping their promise that the Conservatives initiated. The NDP are following through with that promise to do that road."

PR 227 has needed paving for decades, and you can check out the following stories including reaction from residents.