The town of MacGregor is ramping up for the fourth annual North Norfolk Bull Bash on June 1. Chris Leckie, Fire Chief for the MacGregor Fire Department and an organizer for the bash, says the event promises an evening packed with thrilling bull riding action. The Bull Bash serves a noble cause, with proceeds benefiting local organizations, such as the North Norfolk Agricultural Society, the MacGregor and District Kinettes Club, and the MacGregor Fire Department.

"Last year, the Ag Society invested another five years annually, $1000 towards their high school scholarship fund and they renovated the barns behind the rink," Leckie explains. "The MacGregor and District Kinettes Club added money to their emergency fund, which supports the local families during their times of need. And the Fire Department purchased $5000 worth of extrication tools. For us, it's huge. It just keeps everything updated, changing new car technology and all of the equipment that we need to do our jobs safely and efficiently."

The Sean Taylor Band are eager to contribute to the lively atmosphere and support local initiatives through their music. Frontman Sean Taylor shares. 

"I can't wait. [The Bull Bash] is one of those events that you hear about for years. We've never had the chance to get out there. And I can't wait to be there. I love any of the rodeo shows we do, always just an absolute hoot, but this one has a bit of a reputation for being a good time, we're really looking forward to it."

As anticipation mounts, organizers, performers, and attendees alike are gearing up for an evening of excitement, camaraderie, and meaningful support at the North Norfolk Bull Bash.