Community members gathered to remember those who've passed away due to drug overdose, and do their part hoping that it never happens again.

The Manitoba Harm Reduction Network, Reaching Home, and Communities Building Youth Futures teamed up to hold a memorial and info-sharing event on August 31st, International Overdose Awareness Day. 

Amber Beaulieu with the Manitoba Harm Reduction Network explains what could be a life-saving item to have with you.

"Naloxone is an antidote to opioid poisoning," explains Beaulieu. "It's a medication that I firmly believe that everybody should have in their first-aid kit."

She says that you can go to her office above the Canada Post building to receive a naloxone kit and free training on how to use it properly. They're also available at most pharmacies.

"I think this is great," says Beaulieu when asked about the event. "I know some people who were previously not harm-reduction friendly, and since being connected with them throughout the last four years, they're starting to come around."

The new Portage Bear Clan coordinator, Kim Longstreet, was also in attendance, saying it's important to show the community that there's a support network for those struggling with addiction.

"I was happy to meet Amber right away," notes Longstreet. "Knowing about the work the Manitoba Harm Reduction Network does, it's just pheonmenal. It's great to see her progressing Portage toward things that need to happen here."

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