The east side of Portage la Prairie will soon see some improved pathways, making things safer for the community.

The City is extending the paved pathway that currently runs along Meighen Avenue all the way up to where the new Koko Platz Community Centre is going to be.

Guy Moffat, a member of the Portage Active Transportation Committee, says it's a great opportunity.

"It's going to be a fantastic addition. It's just over half-a-kilometre of paved path that's coming to us, and it's going to do so much for our community," Moffat continues. "It's going to help individuals get together and get in some physical activity. Such as, the basketball courts that are slated to go in there, the hockey rink, and then other events that are going to happen in the new building. The other piece that's really exciting for me is that it's going to get kids hopefully off of the roadway. In the morning and then after school, when they're trying to get to school and back home."

He mentions that it will also help clear up congestion in that particular neighbourhood, while allowing people to get out into nature and be along the tree line.

The member says that the initial idea came from wanting Portage to be connected from one end of the city to the other.

"We had presented this to the city a long time ago and they're just continuing on with this plan and we're so happy that this is going to be in addition to all of the active transportation paths that you can see coming along Saskatchewan Avenue."

He goes on to mention that there are going to be three separate areas, One for pedestrians, one for active transportation and one for motorized transportation.

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