The Portage Padres have climbed the mountain and clinched first place in the Santa Clara Baseball League.

The Padres came into this week knowing that a pair of wins would lock up the top spot. They were able to handle the Austin A's on July 9, 5-1, meaning they were just one win away as they hosted the Carberry Royals.

The recipe for success against Carberry was the same that led to the Padres having such a commanding start to the season: bury the other team under so many runs that the pitchers have more than enough room to breathe. The Padres ran away with the contest 13-5, putting an exclamation point on an amazing season.

The Padres have one more game against the Plumas Pirates, however, a win from Plumas would still leave them half a game behind the Padres, meaning the Padres tie-game against the Neepawa Cubs back on June 7 was just enough to lock up first place.

The Padres will have to prepare to play some unfamiliar foes as they've earned an invite to AA provincials, taking place July 19-21.