Discussion about Portage la Prairie's Fort la Reine Museum occurred at the July 9 meeting of the council for Portage's RM.

Councillor for Ward 3, Ryan Kontzie, says there is some work required on several of the buildings.

"In the last couple of years, we've been working on the fort itself, getting it back to a position where the public could be back into it. It had started to get a little bit unsafe to be in. So, we concluded the two end-towers last year, and now we're looking forward to doing some other buildings within the facility."

Kontzie notes that, as a member of the board of directors, this process does entail some difficult decisions about the buildings on the premises.

"They do require a lot of upkeep. They're getting to the stage where they've been there, 20 to 40 years. They require shingles, roofs, siding and regular maintenance of buildings," Kontzie continues. "We're just trying to make a strategic plan, as to what buildings we need to focus on saving, and, perhaps, some buildings that may not be able to be saved, or have the ability, financially, to keep them safe enough for the public to be in."

The councillor adds that they RM is trying to set the museum up to not require as much work in the future.

"It is an on-going process. We usually pick one building, we've tried to prioritize, what we feel is, the most historic buildings there and work hard on them to get them to a stage where they don't deteriorate in the weather anymore, or rodents that get into them. We do get a lot of school tours there, there are a lot of people who stop in through that museum, a lot of events going on there, so it's great to see that throughout the summer months."

Information on the museum can be found on their website.