The McCain Interactive Fountain has opened for the season.

Jocelyn Lequier-Jobin, Director Of Operations at the City of Portage la Prairie, says it is great to have the fountain up and running again for the summer.

"This year was a little different because we had to move our power source with the construction of the State Park. We ended up building a little sliding hill there," she continues. "So, the location where we had our electrical service wasn't conducive to the sliding hill. We had to get it moved over, and then, of course, we had to wait for hydro to come and connect it."

Lequier-Jobin notes that it took a little bit longer to get operations going with the fountain due to the electrical workaround.

"Once the hydro connection was made, our guys went out, and they can do it in half a day about there's generally three of them that that work to get everything going, get all the water running. everything working." 
With all the rain the community has received and a heat wave taking place, Lequier-Jobin says the timing couldn't have been much better to open it up.

"Some people have been out there using it already, which is great. But with the current weather, I'm sure the kids will be happy to get out there and cool off."

Melissa Draycott, Chair of the Portage la Prairie Parks Committee, told PortageOnline they are excited to see the fountain get another year of use.

"We hope that Portage la Prairie and the surrounding community enjoy the fountain during these hot Summer months. We are excited that families are able to also use the new Rotary Skatepark and the Accessible Playground at Simplot Central Park this summer."