A community member hopes to continue seeing support regarding inclusive additions to Island Park.

Kim Wikdahl spoke to Portage’s City Council in November about the need for a wheelchair-accessible swing set. Just a few short months after that, she’s grateful to see the community getting involved.

“It’s been amazing,” says Wikdahl. “They've been great. They are seeing a need for it, and I'm getting a lot of support saying that, finally, we're getting something here.”

She adds that a couple of individuals and businesses have donated money, which she greatly appreciates. Wikdahl says she started thinking about ways to make the city more accessible after seeing a Facebook post asking the question.

“There's a little girl that gets picked up on 8th Street Northwest all the time,” mentions Wikdahl. “She's in a wheelchair, and I drive past there every day, so I see it in the mornings and after school. I thought that would be pretty cool to do for her and her family.”

She believes that many other families in and around Portage could benefit from having this swingset installed. Wikdahl adds that this is just the first of many projects that she’d like to see at the park.

If you’d like to donate, you can do so at Kkwik Automotive or City Hall. You could also donate by e-transfer at payments@city-plap.com.