One Portager presented her idea in front of City Council on Monday to make the playground on Island Park more inclusive.

Kim Wikdahl says she wants to see a wheelchair-accessible swing set added to the playground on Island Park, adding, it would only be the beginning.

"(I would like to see this) just so that there's a little bit more room over there and have a little bit more accessibility," says Wikdahl. "Then, possibly build onto a portion of the park for people with special needs."

Wikdahl adds that she's been looking at this concept for the past couple of months. Throughout that time, she's been in touch with members of the Parks Committee to ensure that no corners are cut.

"I had been speaking with Melissa Draycott and Ryan Espey," says Wikdahl. "Ryan said that I have to present it to the Council because it's going on their land. It would be something that they would be responsible for looking after once it's up and running."

The Parks Committee is currently looking for any grants that could help Wikdahl see her vision through.