Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps and some of the world's biggest events are held in the desert community of Nevada every year. From concerts to conventions to sports competitions that attract thousands of teams, there seems to be something going on all the time.

While many visitors are hoping to strike it rich in the many casinos, others are hoping to win big in the tournament they are participating in and that's exactly what happened recently for one Portage la Prairie soft tip dart team.

The tournament attracts teams from all over the world and competitors are matched up in divisions that are close to the same skill level. Everyone for the most part is there to have some fun, meet some new people and experience the city but action can get very intense and when it comes down to the final teams the competition can be fierce.

This year, the team of C.J. Nelson, Megan Delaney, Jody McKay and Terry Eastland was the last team standing in Division 9 and it turned out to be a dramatic win.

Nelson threw the winning dart that helped his team claim the championship and said it felt great.

"I've been on teams that have won in Manitoba but never Las Vegas. Maybe a top 10 finish. We cruised through the first day and had to wait until the end of the second day to see if we would move on to the championship final. It came down to the last match. For the final round, we were undefeated so the other team had to beat us twice. They won the first best of five and in the rematch, it came right down to the fifth and final game. Both teams were on the verge of going out and I hit a triple 16 for the win. It was an amazing feeling. I don't usually show a lot of emotion but we all hugged and others from Portage who were out were there cheering us on."

Nelson's team played the season in one of the two leagues Portage la Prairie has to offer and he has be involved for years.

"There are plenty of good players in Portage which really helps things out when you do go to Vegas. You never expect to win when you go there because there are so many good competitors and so many teams. It was exciting to pull it off."

Nelson's team wasn't the only one to show well in the city of lights. The team of Mellissa Sanderson, Brad Sanderson, Ashley Taylor, and Gordie Wood made it to the finals of division 10 and ended up taking second place overall.

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