One Hope Canada's annual fundraising tour featured a band from North Carolina called the 3 Heath Brothers.

The event raises money for camps run by the organization and brings a band to travel around Manitoba to perform near several camps they run.

Nicholas, Clayton and Christian Heath say the experience of coming north of the border has been amazing.

Clayton, the brother's main spokesperson describes why the group wanted to take part in the tour.

"One Hope Canada has about 40 different camps that they have so many teens and kids go to. I think they have close to 30,000 kids going every summer. So, we're doing this to raise money and raise awareness for One Hope Canada, and their great ministry they have to those kids," Clayton shared. "Everything has been going well in terms of fundraising and everything. It's been really cool for us, because they're reaching young people, and that's where our heart is."

Nicholas is the oldest brother, at 23 years old and Clayton and Christian are 21. The brothers noted that this tour has been their first foray into Canada, and the weather has been unexpectedly cool. Nicholas shared their perspective on travelling north to Manitoba.

"I was born in Florida, so we are very much used to warm weather, especially now. It's April, going into May, so we're thinking, 'It'll be Spring time, it'll be nice,' and it has been nice because we like a little bit of chillier weather too, we've gotten used to that in North Carolina." 

Christian followed that up by adding with a smile, "It's 81(Fahrenheit) in North Carolina right now."

The brothers say they have aimed their ministry at young people, having performed in several schools across the United States.

"We've sung in over 100 public schools to over 45,000 public school students. That kind of ministry to young people is something that really resonates with our hearts, and something that we're really proud to partner with One Hope Canada to do."

The tour wrapped up on Tuesday night, April 30, in Steinbach.