Principal Darryl Patterson says he & Vice Principal Erin Mauws are ready for their second year at the helm of Yellowquill School.

"The teachers are in the building and excited to be back," says Patterson. "We welcome the new families that will be moving over due to the catchment changes."

Over the summer, the Portage la Prairie School Division has made some upgrades throughout the schools in Portage, focusing on outdoor play areas. Patterson says his school will have revamped basketball courts as a part of this initiative for the 2023-24 year.

"We got new asphalt. The division and our parent council raised money to replace the polls and the nets that will go out there as well."

File Photo.Darryl Patterson.

Patterson adds that five basketball hoops will be available for children to ball out on.

Regarding how the new catchment changes will affect his school, the principal says that staff are prepared for the new students to bring to the K-8 school. 

"We had the room for them because Fort la Reine is K-7 for this year. So, we won't be getting Fort la Reine students anymore, but we will welcome quite a few new families from Crescentview and from the overall catchment changes."

Patterson encourages new parents of the school to reach out regarding joining the parent council.

Meet the Teacher takes place on September 6, with the first day of the school year set for the following day.


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