Vendors in and around Oakville are glad to have come together to boost the local economy.

The Oakville Farmers Market has come to a close for the summer, with the final market held on August 24th. Vendors attended, selling different fruits, vegetables, baked goods, flowers, and more. Jennifer Penner Kroeker is a regular at the markets, and says her favourite part is meeting people from the neighbouring communities.

"It brings a sense of togetherness," explains Penner Kroeker. "We're able to help each other, share things with each other, know what everybody has, and what their skills are. It's a really good thing to know for the community that you live in."

She adds, while there were certainly regulars that have been attending the markets for years, you never know when a fresh face will set up shop.

"We just had someone new that came in with herbs, salves, and ointments. We had a ton of different products," notes Penner Kroeker.

Those interested in either joining the Market as a vendor or attending as a customer can join the Oakville Farmers Market Facebook group.

The Market is set to return on October 5th.


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