It's hot off the press! The Portage and District Business Review is the first-ever magazine published by the Portage la Prairie and District Chamber of Commerce. Executive Director Cindy McDonald says this inaugural edition is for Fall of 2022. 

"We're really, really excited about it because it features all of our 2021 Business Award winners," says McDonald. "It also features some of our long-term members as well as some of our members that have celebrating milestones, like the Golf Club -- their 100 years, the Portage Ex and their 150 years, and Southport's 30 years. It's a great way that we could celebrate our local businesses."

She explains it came about after McDonald saw other chambers in Manitoba use a certain company to produce the magazines for all of them.

"I thought, 'What a great idea it would be to feature our members in this magazine that went to every single business in Portage la Prairie'," notes McDonald. 

McDonald says articles include Homefield's People in Strategy which is about recruitment. 

"There's an article from our Economic Development Office," continues McDonald. "There's an article from our Portage Local Immigration Partnership."

She says the company does all the editing while she focused her attention on selling all of the ads.

"Then I just submitted who I thought should go in there," adds McDonald. "It was a lot of work, but it turned out really good."

Below are some of the articles in the current edition.