Portage Collegiate Institute (PCI) students had a chance to engage in an Entrepreneurial Showcase last Wednesday afternoon, giving their business classes a chance to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and sell unique products. It was touted as a farmer's market with an added twist. 

Applied Commerce teacher Gavin Taylor says the public was also invited.

"The students have been working on putting together some businesses since February," says Taylor. "They are showcasing their businesses. They've got stuff for sale. They're looking to make some connections, get some clients together, and they're having fun by the looks of it, so that's good."

He notes visiting students and parents were given PCI bucks to pay any given business that the entrepreneurs present if they thought it would be a good investment.

"We've got a student who wrote a book," says Taylor. "We've got some key chains, lip gloss, lotion, clothing, photography with drones and without drones, and we've got some posters, some snow cone smoothies, and lawn care. It's all over the place."

Taylor notes the visiting students were really impressed. 

"I've got a lot of students who want to be in the booth next year," continues Taylor. "A lot of their fellow students are speaking very positively about each other. So, it's really great."

He says it's the first time he's been involved this kind of showcase, and says he's really proud of them all. 

Marley Taylor is a Grade 11 student and outlines what her team was making.

"They're silicone wristlets to help you keep organized with your key chains," says Taylor. "It's nice because we're starting to drive and have a place to put our keys. They're silicone beads and we just put them onto a bracelet."

She notes students can pick their preferred patterns or colours and they put them together for them. 

"We get to pick colours that we like and like what we think other people will like," adds Taylor. "Our semester started in February, and we started selling them in the beginning. So, we've been going the longest. We started before everybody, which is nice because I know gets us going and off our feet."

Taylor says they made a bit of money before the showcase while others were just starting.

"We've already broken even when some people haven't," notes Taylor. "That was a nice start to go into this without being in debt."