The BDO Centre For the Community's north parking lots were practically filled by a fire truck, excavator, EMS unit, army trucks, police cars, a handi-van, tow truck, a by-law enforcement vehicle, and more. Sirens were blaring and a 100-foot high boom with a bucket lifted safely-strapped-in kids to view Portage from on high. 

Megan Romphf is cultural connector for the Portage Local Immigration Partnership and says it's an event to allow children to get a hands-on experience with the many different types of service vehicles to help them realize their dreams. 

"They actually get to touch these vehicles," says Romphf. "It brings a lot of joy, which is always so nice, and it's good to see the community come together like this, especially after the last few years that we've had. Last year, we had it in the one small parking lot and this year, we filled the parking lot with vehicles. We've had three other parking lots full of vehicles."

She notes people came out who hadn't paid a visit in previous years. 

"It was really interesting to see the Isaac's Yard boom that went all the way up -- that lift," adds Romphf. "It was quite the attraction to have the hose going from the fire truck. Mike's Diesel came out with a tow truck. So, it was just a lot of good stuff all the way around."

Felix was one of the younger visitors. He says he really liked the flashing lights on the ambulance and enjoyed the police car because he got a free freezie. His mother reminded him of another vehicle.

"Ohh yeah, the fire truck," says Felix. "Ohh, this was so cool."  

He describes shooting water with the firehose. 

"It gone so high, and it gone so far. It gone all the way to the big oak tree." 

Aurora was also one of the younger visitors and says that she looked at the camera car, security car, and the army trucks. 

Speaking of the army truck, she noted, "That one had so many seats, and the security car has a lot of stuff on it. And that one has a lot of cameras. I want to look at the ambulance because it's cool and it's got flashing lights."

She adds that she planned to go see the fire truck because it was spraying.