Whether from within vehicles or beneath umbrellas, Portagers gathered for the spectacular blast of colour and light for this year's Canada Day Fireworks show. Cars and pickups were lined up on both sides of Crescent Road while some stood beneath was shelter the trees along the water might offer.

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It began at 10:30 p.m. sharp and ended at about 10:50.

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Fireworks in Portage la Prairie are on! Only high winds would have stopped them, seeing as rain is not a deterrent unless it hinders crowds. But as of 5:30 p.m. Monday, the show will go on!

They will be launched from the causeway to the Island as crowds can gather as usual when darkness permits at dusk, approximately 11:00 p.m.

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With weather forecast conditions apparently unfavourable for this Canada Day Monday with rain, Portage la Prairie will likely still have a fireworks celebration.

Public Safety Director Brad Bailey says fireworks displays are dependent mostly on wind conditions, not rain.

"If it's windy, then fireworks displays and shows typically can't run. Rain shouldn't affect the show other than if it's a downpour and it's just that miserable outside that people don't want to be outside. But for the most part, shows will only be cancelled due to high winds."

Brad BaileyPublic Safety Director Brad Bailey

He notes the company providing the fireworks says typically only wind will affect their shows. He notes the wind can push shells around which puts them into a danger zone.

"So,  they typically will cancel shows or postpone shows only if there's high winds occur. For the rain side of it, obviously, there's only a limit to how much rain and bad weather spectators want to endure to watch a show. If there are reasonable conditions, the show will go on."

Bailey says if the night is windy enough and/or people simply don't show up for the show, coordination between all parties involved will take place to determine a rain-date. PRRA, the City and the display company would figure out an alternative date that would work.

"We hope the weather holds out and we hope for a great display once again in Portage. We have the premier spot to watch fireworks displays in all of Manitoba, so we're pretty lucky within the city to have such a venue. With the new causeway, they're able to do some pretty fun stuff with shooting off the shows. So, we're looking forward to getting out there and having a great display. Hopefully, the weather holds up for us and we have a great show once again."