Classes began last Thursday in Oakville, and Mark Sokolowski, Principal at Oakville School, says they have had a terrific start.

"There is a lot of excitement around the building. We've just hit the ground running here. It's been fantastic."

The Principal at Oakville School says many of the lessons learned so far have been about team building.

"Building relationships with staff and students is a priority, especially at the beginning of the school year. That's been a focus for the first several days, but rest assured that we're getting into the academic piece."

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Sokolowski notes that there has been a reasonably high turnover of teachers this year, and while goodbyes are always hard, bringing new educators to the school has its perks.

"It's always nice to welcome new faces and new ideas," he continues. "Our new staff have fit in extremely well, and it is like they were meant to be here."

He adds that with this being his second year in the Principal role, he's more comfortable with the ins and outs of a full year at Oakville.

"This fall, I feel much more comfortable knowing a bit more of the school. It's been a great start for everyone, top to bottom."

Sokolowski explains that he saw many teachers come in during their holidays to prepare for 2023-24, dedication he loves to see.


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