It's evident that the local government is making progress in their ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the region's roads. The RM of Portage has taken advantage of weather conditions, presenting good opportunities. 

One of the noteworthy achievements highlighted in the recent agenda from the RM is the progress made on road maintenance. 

Reeve Kam Blight acknowledges the hard work of the staff and the successful deployment of equipment, saying Mother Nature allowed them to stay ahead of schedule. 

“So far, the weather has cooperated,” Blight notes. “Our equipment's been able to be out on the roads. More fortunately for us, we've had the staffing and individuals in place to be able to operate these pieces of equipment, which can be a challenge.” 

The Reeve also said there have been breakdowns and issues with equipment in the past, but they’ve been very fortunate that they have been able to run their machines a majority of the time. 

“A credit to our staff for keeping our equipment running and being able to go out there and operate it in a timely fashion and doing a good job. We're going to try and do our best to stay on top of things and keep the roads in the best shape as we possibly can going into the winter.” 

The RM and its councilors remain committed to efficiently managing its resources while delivering essential services to its residents. 


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