In line with recent news about Oakville's pathway upgrades and additions, an additional aspect of that project involves a speed limit decrease on Highway 13.

Reeve Kam Blight says a resolution was made at this week's council meeting to request the province to make that change.

"It's to lower the speed limit on Hwy. 13 just on the west side of Oakville from 80 kilometres an hour to 70 kilometres an hour, " says Blight. "There are numerous reasons behind this request, and one of them is the potential that our municipality is considering installing a pathway that will connect to the Sports Park. It's to make it as safe as possible for access for those that are utilizing this from the community of Oakville."

Blight says the province requires a specific speed limit change for walkways.

"Going past this community, the Council feels it's in the best interest to lower this down to 70 kilometres an hour," continues Blight. "The majority of the traffic is slowing down already for the railway tracks, as they are extremely rough. This will help alleviate some of the burden and wear and tear on the road tracks, as well. "

He adds all of Council voted unanimously to forward the change request to the Province.