Oakville is slated to receive some paved pathways, and discussion ensued about the project at the recent RM of Portage la Prairie council meeting.  

Councillor for Ward 7 Kevin Blight says the community loves to get outside and walk, and council wants to try to facilitate that. He explains they're looking to make the paths easier to use, safer and maybe expand their network of pathways they currently have. 

"We have identified areas that we want to improve, starting with the school and children's access to and from the school," says Blight. "We are watching what's going to take place on the east side of the community where the new hall and daycare is going to go up, but we're going to wait and hold back from that area for now until more is finalized. We are looking at some new pathways and we're also looking at revitalizing some of the old ones that are in need of some repair." 

He notes people are always interested in such additions, seeing as everyone seems to enjoy active life nowadays. 

"In Oakville, there's a tremendous amount of people that do use the pathways that are there today to get out, walk, get some fresh air, and see the community," continues Blight. "We're looking for some funding and I'm hoping that we are successful. We have been successful in the past and we're exploring all of the avenues there to see what we can come up with."

Blight says it could start this year. 

Riley Kintscher was walking with his dog Tikka through the community after having just moved to Oakville.

"Most of the walking I've been doing is up and down the sides of the streets," says Kintscher. "It would be really nice to have some dedicated walkways. I think it would be really beneficial to people like me who have a dog, and it's nice to see the community growing."