The William Glesby Centre's New Year's bash has translated into a significant donation to the facility.  After playing their first reunion concert in 30 years Fudge Motors Inc. presented an $8200 cheque to Glesby Centre president Dave Roberts yesterday. Lead guitarist and co-organizer Charlie Brennan commended the efforts of the many volunteers who helped make the show happen. He also highlighted the work of co-organizers Colleen Flynn and Mavis Brennan. 

"Mavis did a fantastic job on the decorations, just preparing the decorations even. Colleen was phenomenal, she just did an amazing job and she's so good at this, she pays such attention to detail. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun work." 

The band has received plenty of public feedback since the concert describing it as an amazing and nostalgic night. Brennan says it was the band's pleasure to donate the earnings from their sold-out performance to the Glesby Centre recognizing it as an important community venue. He reports the organizers aren't sure what their next idea might be but the overwhelmingly positive response from the New Year celebration has them considering all kinds of possibilities. 

Miles Kereliuk played Rhythm Guitar and Synth Guitar. Bob Berg was lead singer and played the congas. Brad Hopcraft played bass, Bill Nodrick played drums and Brennan played lead guitar. Brennan, Kereliuk, and Berg were singers.

While it's not completely clear what the centre will do with the donation, some new chairs are needed for certain events and that is one of the ideas on the table. The entire group commented on how lucky we are to have such a great facility in our community. Brennan is quite happy people enjoyed the night and said some are still telling him how much fun they had. He added the band had plenty of fun as well.

Fudge MotorsThe night was a sell out and a huge success for everyone