The Portage School Division now will see Rochelle Rands as its new Assistant Superintendent after having been Director of Student Services. She explains what it's like to take on her new position.

"I'm very honoured to have been appointed the Assistant Superintendent by the Board of trustees. I've been in in my role as Director of Student Services in the division for the past 15 years, and so I think, as I shift to this new role, I am committed to continuing to work collaboratively with all the members of the Portage la Prairie team, support staff, students, and their families in our division." 

Rands reacts to knowing that this is a historic situation with women being in the top two positions.

"I guess it is historic. I've always sort of felt in the role that I've been part of valued member of the divisional leadership team by Mr. Cuddington and the school board. So, I'm hopeful that the transition will be just a smooth one. In my role of Director of Student Services, I was supporting schools, helping oversee clinical staff, and educational assistants. So, I'm hopeful in my new role that I'll be able to continue some of that work because that's my passion; student services."

She adds that while she's moving into new responsibilities, the division will be looking to find someone to add to the team to complement herself and the new superintendent.