The RM of St. Laurent received word from St. John's Ambulance a month and a half ago concerning federal funding for naloxone training. Reeve Rick Chartrand says it was a great plus for the municipality.

"It was for those that experience opioid overdose and we were able to coordinate with the fire department," says Chartrand. "We invited other members from the Woodlands Fire Department. We had teachers and community members that attended and it was attended very well."

He notes about 35 people were there including himself. Chartrand explains upon completion of the training, each individual was provided with a naloxone kit. 

"So, if there is an opioid or a fentanyl overdose, we now have that training and it's just one of the additional tools that we're putting into our tool belts for this community."

Chartrand adds they're hoping to organize more courses in the near future.

"We have people from the Beach Association that is reaching out to us for possible first aid courses, and we will coordinate with them and see if we could work something out. We are fortunate that the two schools -- we have a French and English school -- have opened their doors to us. If we approach them for a classroom training area, they provide it to us at no charge."