Last night the Portage Regional Library hosted the first Human Library speaker in partnership with the Portage Learning and Literacy Centre.

Métis author, musician and teacher Edgar Desjarlais shared some of his favourite life stories and said it's nice to be featured for his work.

"I've lived most of my life being a musician, being an afterthought, but it's kind of nice when you're actually asked to come in to perform or participate in something, and it is an honour. I'm always looking to help people and volunteer," says Desjarlais.

The author shared many entertaining life stories, including one about his brother trying to keep a toad warm in the family cast iron stove. He says he hopes people learn something about different people around them.

"There are a lot of interesting people in this town alone. I think the interacting with other people and connecting that goes on... I'm always looking to connect with people in alot of things I do," says Desjarlais.

Settlement Coordinator for the Learning and Literacy Centre, Miriam Turyamwijuka says the series is all about engaging newcomers as well as youth with their elders.

"Part of it would be learning more about Canadian life, and for youth it would be gaining some wisdom and learning from them, being able to sit down with somebody and ask them questions and learn from them that way," says Turyamwijuka.

Turyamwijuka says the idea for the series came about by some co-workers and she hopes it's the first of many speakers where everyone can learn from one another.