Manitoba's Growth, Enterprise, and Trade minister says the province's latest jobs report is good news. Statistics Canada reports over 10,000 new jobs have been created in Manitoba so far this year, posting the lowest unemployment rates in the country. 

Cliff Cullen said this is a clear sign that more people are working in Manitoba and contributed these are long-term results to the province's diversified economy.

"There's a lot of things going on in a lot of different sectors and that's a good thing for the province. We don't see the highs and lows in terms of employment changes and fluctuations in the economy."

He added that, from a government perspective, the more people working in Manitoba - the better off we all are.

"We also have to deliver services to Manitoban's whether it's healthcare, education, or to provide infrastructure... we need the basis to pay for that as well. It's easy for the government to tax people more, that's not our approach, we actually want to leave more money in peoples' hands. So the more people we have at work, the more income that's generated to the province as well. It leads to prosperity for individual Manitobans and it leads to prosperity for us as a government."

Moving forward, Cullen noted that government plans to continue building a good foundation for investment in Manitoba that includes cutting red tape and implementing competitive tax structures.