The MacGregor Fire Department is reminding citizens to exercise caution around power lines after a hydro pole fire recently.

According to a report from the department, the blaze took place on June 16 near the MacGregor Homestead Co-op.

Fire Chief Chris Leckie says firefighters secured the area and ensured public safety until the hydro crews arrived.

He says it is crucial to exercise caution around power lines and contact emergency services if there are any downed hydro wires.

"We're not 100 per cent sure what happened with that one," he continues. "The top of the pole was on fire, and we were unsure if lightning might have struck it. There was a storm that did go through there that the night before, and with heavy winds and the rain, it sure finds the weak points, and it caught fire."

file photoChief Chris Leckie.

Leckie acknowledges that with the extensive winds this year, a hydro line going down isn't out of the ordinary, but it's important for those who witness such an event to prioritize safety, making them feel cautious and alert. 

"If a downed hydro line is witnessed or found, it is really critical and crucial to stay a safe distance away and contact 911 or local hydro." 
No injuries were reported from this incident.