The meeting of the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie's Council on Tuesday saw the Council purchase more land for the water reservoir.

Ward 4 Councillor Roy Tufford explains why they felt the purchase was important.

"We bought five acres there a couple of years ago before we started the process of designing and building a water reservoir. Now that the water reservoir is built and functional, we realized that, in time, we'll probably need to expand it, and if we don't buy some extra acreage now, it may get sold to some other entity. So, our CAO (Kyle Hamilton) has recommended we buy another five acres, essentially surrounding the existing parcel, on which the reservoir sits, for future expansion."

He notes that they felt the move was important enough that buying the land without a plan to expand was the right choice.

"It will give us the capacity to go in two different directions with an expansion if that is deemed necessary. At least we'll have the land, because there's a chance, it's crown land, it could be sold to somebody else. We took the steps of approving the acquisition of that land, and it wasn't a significant amount of money in the big scheme of things, so we're happy to have it."

Tufford adds that the decision to move ahead with the purchase was unanimous among the council, and that everyone was in agreement that it was the correct decision.