The Rotary Club of Portage la Prairie surprised five of their longest-serving members at their recent evening meeting.

On August 22nd, which took place at Island Park, they surprised Paulette Connery, Gord Selinger, Doug Pedden, Vern Crandall, and Dave Falk with awards showcasing their hardwork for both the club and the community.

Pedden, who's been volunteering with the Rotary Club for 33 years, says his first experience with the club came in high school when he attended the Rotary Model United Nations.

"For years, I was a cook at that cabaret and I really enjoyed that," explains Pedden when asked about his highlights as a Rotarian. "Working with all the people that were putting it on was great. Then, for five years, I was the assistant district governor for our district, going to Rotary conferences, including the international conferences."

Selinger, a Rotarian for 32 years, says he loves how the club allows him to make a difference in the community for the better. He also notes that the members of the club are all good friends, so he enjoys the occasional ribbing that gets tossed around.

"If you want to meet some people that that are very solid, fun-loving people, and increase your exposure in the community, this is the best place I know of in Portage to do that," says Selinger.

The five longstanding Rotarians, when you combine their years of service, make up 180 years of Rotary Club volunteering.

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